Thursday, August 6, 2009

Turns Out There Was a Greenlighted Candidate in Halton

Gary Zemlak, who ran for the provincial Liberals in the last Ontario election says he was greenlighted to fight an open nomination in Halton. Then the party decided to appoint someone after the fact.

Here's today's Burlington post.

I like the part where they mention Stephane Dion appointed 5 people to run in the last election. Paul Martin had a few appointments back in the day. Chretien too! Who f*c#ing cares? It ain't right.



Jennifer Smith said...

I believe the Burlington Post was using the term "green light" in a more generic sense than it is used in the Liberal nomination process. Gary, Rohit and Sheref had all completed and submitted their nomination papers, but Gary had not yet been "greenlit" as a candidate by the party. The other two apparently had been according to this article in the Beaver:

I actually ran into Gary at the Home Hardware the other day. He didn't say much about the whole incident, but he seemed content. He did say that he was very impressed with Deb Gillis after having met her last week, and also said that he won't be re-joining the board.

James Curran said...

"he seemed content" and "he won't be re-joining the board" appears to be somewhat of a contradiction, no?

Jennifer Smith said...

Not really - conventional wisdom was that he only joined the board in the first place to have an 'in' on the Federal side to make his nomination run. Ro has already re-joined the board.

(BTW, if you want to know what I really think of Gary Zemlak, I'll be happy to tell you by email :)