Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Rob Ford/CBC Interview...

Get ready for fours years of this embarrassment folks.

Ignatieff 1, Environment 0

Sorry about your luck John McKay. 12 Liberals and 2 Dippers miss environmental vote. And the leader of the Liberal Party was said to be "absent".

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rob Ford Loves Gays and Immigrants

Updates: Here and Here.

NOT! Here's the windbag's new radio spot on Tamil Radio.

Rough Translation:

1st Person: Mani Anna, Who you voting for in the Mayoral Election?

2nd Person: [Laughs] What kind of question is this? I am Tamil. We have a religion and culture. Take Rob Ford for an example, His wife is a women. Thats not only it, he said will reduce Land transfer taxes and other taxes.

1st Person: What about Immigration?

2nd Person: [Laughs] Thats a federal government issue. So, the white people can get our vote.

1st Person: I am also going to vote for Rob Ford.

DISCLAIMER: This is a paid Advertisement

Rob Ford on the Tamil protest that shut down the Gardiner a few years ago.

"Enough is enough. If I was mayor, they would have been immediately removed from the Gardiner," he said, noting the parents who took their children on the Gardiner yesterday should be punished and have Children's Aid investigate. "We can't have this bleeding heart approach anymore because people's and kids' lives are in danger." "We are not going to tolerate any more of this hoodlumism, as I call it."

Amazing how this dirtbag's story has changed and now he wants to embrace the Tamil vote.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Some samaratin posted this one on YouTube. Good job.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

You're a Good Man Rocco Rossi

And you fought the good fight.

Harper Calls for a Majority

This guy has no shame whatsoever.

“When the next election comes,” Harper said, speaking before a large Canadian flag, “the entire future of our country is at stake, and we have to work harder than we ever have before to make sure we elect a stable majority Conservative government.”

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Kiss of Death for George Smitherman?

If anyone knows how to snatch defeat from the hands of victory, it's these guys. They have lots of experience at it. They lost an unlosable leadership for Michaeal Ignatieff and took Rossi from 2nd to 5th. Good gawd. Good luck George.

Rob Ford: The New $6 Million Dollar Man law suits that is.

My question dear readers: Will Rob use taxpayers money to defend himself? Afterall, Mammolitti IS backing Ford.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Rossi Urged (yet again) to get Out of the Race

But he just doesn't get it does he. Congrats Rock, you really are Barbara Hall reincarnate.


“It is clear there is a campaign underway to scare Torontonians into voting for George Smitherman,” he said in an email. “I hear people say that they are being told to ‘hold your nose and vote for George’ in the hopes that a strategic voting tactic will stop the chaos that a Ford administration would surely bring to the city.

Yes Rocco, almost all of us get it. You don't. Your axe to grind with George is becoming nauseating.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sue Ann Levy Irresponsible and Full of it Yet Again

Honestly. How does this women keep her job? She says this in her article:

Rob Ford has a solid hold on first place in Toronto’s mayoral race — and if the momentum continues he’s poised to win by a landslide on Oct. 25, according to the candidate’s own internal polling results obtained by the Sunday Sun

If the Sun has "obtained" (read fed by the Ford campaign) the poll results, why not tell us what the question was, who conducted the poll, what the margin of error is, etc. etc.?

The answer? She a shill. A disgustingly sad excuse of a journalist. Hey Sue why don't you write about how great Rob Ford's fiscal plan is? Oh, that's right IT'S NOT GREAT! What a joke.

In other news, Rocco, you're really getting on my nerves with this "together we can" bullshit. Fact is Rocco YOU CAN'T. There's only one guy that can. It ain't you gumba.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


I recorded this live in August at the McCartney Concert, but this is a much nicer version.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Shorter Rob Ford: I Don't Bother Reading 5000 Page Reports

Tuesday Torotonians woke up to the reality that if they build a new million dollar home with a double car garage and a 10 car driveway, only 2 cars can be parked in front of that house. Similarly, if you're a working couple in the burbs with two cars and have a single car garage but a two car driveway, only ONE of your cars is allowed on that driveway.

Ford and Pantalone voted FOR this ridiculous by-law. Ford's excuse at the 680 debate last night? "It was a 5000 page report and I didn't read it, but I will reopen that issue if I'm fortunate enough to be elected Mayor"
YOU DIDN'T BOTHER LEAFING THROUGH A 5,000 PAGE REPORT MR. FORD??? Were you at the football field that day or something?

My question is, if Mr. Ford can't read just one important report, how many reports is he going to miss in a job that has him skimming through hundreds of reports a year??

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Sun's Sue Ann Levy Totally Envious of Sarah Thomson

Let me ask you a question Ms. Levy, what has Rob Ford promised you for your constant attacks on Smitherman? A safe Conservative seat in the next election (there's no such thing of course)? A cushy position on some committee? Head of the TTC? What?

Your drivel is enough to make a person puke. And your big source "Renovator Joe Bucca". The same Bucca that's all over the internet spewing garbage about how great Rob Ford is. That same guy? It just shows how you get fed from that Ford campaign and what a coolaid drinker you are. How about being a journalist for a change to justify your paycheque!

Rob Ford Gets an "F"....Smitherman a B+

The jury is out. Rob Ford fails in the category of Racial Justice.

An advocacy group whose focus is “racial equity, human dignity and social justice” gave George Smitherman the top grade, B+, and Rob Ford a failing F in its “racial justice report card” on Toronto’s mayoral candidates.

Congratulations Rocco Rossi....You are the New Barbara Hall


What a joke. The Rossi campaign is imploding.

Last week Rossi himself said this:

"The George Smitherman-led Barbara Hall campaign in 2003 left Toronto with a tax-and-spend mayor, and now George Smitherman's steady plummet in the polls risks handing victory to an angry Councillor Rob Ford who has no plan for our great city." said Rossi.

And, with Rossi staying in the race, Toronto just might get their biggest embarrassment yet as a mayor. Rob Ford.

Fact vs. Fiction

John Capobianco offered his support and that of a handful of Rossi staffers during a Sept. 29 meeting at an Etobicoke Tim Hortons with Nick Kouvalis, Mr. Ford’s deputy campaign manager, sources tell The Globe and Mail.

Fact: Mr. Capobianco, who confirmed the meeting took place, dismissed as “absolute nonsense” the suggestion he sought money from the Ford campaign or spoke for anyone but himself.

Fiction: “I’m telling you flat out, hook me up to a lie detector, I have not heard from a single person senior, junior or otherwise that Rocco should drop out,” added Warren Kinsella, the Liberal adviser who joined Mr. Rossi’s campaign at the end of August.

He dismissed the rumours as a ploy by Mr. Smitherman’s camp.

Fact: One of the Liberals who first urged Mr. Rossi to quit was the campaign’s original manager, Sachin Aggarwal.

While Mr. Aggarwal still believed the businessman and former chief executive of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario was the best man to replace David Miller, the polls convinced him victory was impossible.

In August, he encouraged his candidate to quit and support Mr. Smitherman.

That advice, coupled with the campaign’s failure to gain traction, led Mr. Rossi to shuffle Mr. Aggarwal to director of policy. He’s since left altogether.

Statement: “In our case, if we drop out, a lot of our support goes to Rob Ford ... this infantile desire of the Smitherman people to get Rocco to drop out is ridiculous. All it’s going to do is put them further behind.”

Fact: The Smitherman internal polling shows that, among Rossi committed voters, 55% to 60% of Rossi's vote would go to Smitherman. The net gain is Smitherman's to be had.

Statement: Indeed, Mr. Rossi’s campaign manager and his best-known volunteer adviser both insisted again Sunday that their candidate is gaining strength and confidence, thanks in part to a fresh internal poll showing Mr. Rossi in a “solid third.”

Fact: A "solid third" with 21 days left in the campaign means you lose.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Sun's Sue Ann Levy is Full of Shit!

With all due respect (read: I have zero for her) Sue Ann, you are the one that's full of shit not George Smitherman. How your paper allows you to shill for all things Conservative in hopes of promoting your own political prospects is beyond me. I would have tossed you to the curb a long time ago. You have zero journalistic integrity. Zero!

Must be tough getting beat up in an election by 5500 votes, because she sure is really bitter.

I love her hypocrisy:

My gawd. It’s not just one word. It’s one billion precious dollars frittered away on high-priced consultants with few electronic medical records to show for it.

Yet the same party she wants to represent, Mike Harris' Conservatives, a.k.a Little Tim's Band of Reknown, sold off the ETR. How many billions did Ontario lose there Sue Ann? And her boy of choice, Rob Ford? Well his dad was in the Harris caucus when then went on.

that The Official Mouthpiece for George Smitherman, a.k.a. the Toronto Star

She's written this in at least four of her most recent articles while failing to see that she is twice the mouthpiece for the Conservative Party than the Star is for anyone. Her hypocrisy at its finest.