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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Romeo Leblanc Dies at 81. Sad day for Canadians

My thoughts and prayers go out to Dominic and his family.

The Globe has a long tribute to Mr. Leblanc.

CBC has a clip worth watching.

We were all lucky to have had him in our service.


David Miller Directs his Frustration at the Everyday Taxpayer

There will be no mercy for Torontonians who dump their garbage illegally, not even for those who face long delays at drop-off points blocked by unionized workers in a strike that threatens to continue through the sweltering days ahead.

“It's becoming clear there is a small group of people who are taking advantage of this strike to use Toronto as their personal dumping ground,” Mayor David Miller said at his first major news conference since 24,000 inside and outside workers walked off the job early Monday.

“We will not tolerate this kind of activity,” he said, warning of fines that start at $380 and could rise as high as $50,000.

So let me get this straight. You're the Mayor of the largest city in the country. You've had a couple of years to negotiate a new contract with your trash collectors and didn't care enough to do it in a timely fashion. Those same workers go on strike and picket all your trash transfer joints and threaten and intimidate everyday, responsible taxpayers that try to drop off their trash at those same transfer stations.

And, rather than providing those responsible taxpaying citizens some form of alleyway to get into said transfer stations, what do you do? Yep, you send out your by-law enforcement guys to fine said responsible, taxpaying citizens.

If the people of Toronto re-elect this guy next year, they have to have rocks in their head.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Finally, a Sane Family Court Judge

Justice Harvey Brownstown tells all in his book "Tug of War". Divorcees in custody battles should read it.


Monday, June 22, 2009

Great News in PQ for Grassroots Liberals

Marc Lavigne seeks presidency of Quebec wing of the Liberal Party of Canada

MONTREAL, June 22 /CNW Telbec/ - With the support of many influential Liberals, Marc Lavigne announced today his candidacy for the presidency of the Liberal Party of Canada's Quebec wing.

"I am submitting my candidacy with the firm objective of increasing the role and participation of the grassroots members of the party," Mr. Lavigne stated. "Under the leadership of Michael Ignatieff, the Liberal Party of Canada is truly engaged in renewal, and it is vital that Quebec take full part in this process."

Mr. Lavigne said the priority for the new president must be to continue reinforcing the image of the Liberal Party of Canada in Quebec. He also stresses the need to improve communications by using contemporary information technologies.

Marc Lavigne has assembled an impressive array of supporters, many of which are working with him. Several were key figures in the campaigns of candidates seeking the Liberal party leadership. This group includes Pat Fiore, chief organizer for the Michael Ignatieff campaign), Reine Hébert, chief organizer (Bob Rae), Louise Fleischmann, chief organizer (Gerard Kennedy) and Jennifer Crane, chief organizer (Ken Dryden). These organizers are directly involved in various sectors of the strong contingent of federal Liberal party volunteers in Quebec.

The evolving consensus in support of Marc Lavigne can be attributed to his vast experience within Liberal party ranks, both as an organizer in all regions of the province and his role as Senior Administrator in various key positions in the party. Most recently, he was Assistant National Director of the party (2006-2007), President of the Standing Committee on Organization (2006-2007) and served as Quebec Campaign Director for Stéphane Dion's successful leadership bid (2006).

Mr. Lavigne has gained an outstanding reputation for his leadership, management and communication skills, and his entrepreneurship. He is a consultant in the private sector, with experience in Canada and abroad. He earned a BA in Social Communication at the Université du Québec in Trois-Rivières and also studied in France.

The next president of the Liberal Party of Canada's Quebec wing will be elected at the party's convention in Quebec City on the first weekend of October, 2009.

For further information: Louise Fleischmann, (514) 772-4586, (450) 653-4586,

Marc Lavigne est candidat à la présidence du PLC(Q)

MONTREAL, le 22 juin /CNW Telbec/ - Fort de l'appui de plusieurs libéraux influents, Marc Lavigne brigue la présidence de l'aile québécoise du Parti libéral du Canada.

"Je me lance dans la course à la présidence avec comme objectif d'accroître le rôle et la participation des militants du Parti", a déclaré Marc Lavigne. "Sous le leadership de Michael Ignatieff, le Parti libéral du Canada est engagé dans un renouveau dynamique - il est essentiel que le Québec soit pleinement investi dans ce processus." Pour Marc Lavigne, la priorité du nouveau président doit être de continuer à renforcer l'image du Parti libéral du Canada au Québec. Il insiste également sur le besoin d'améliorer les communications en intégrant à celles-ci les technologies de l'information.

Marc Lavigne a réuni un impressionnant éventail d'appuis et de gens qui travaillent avec lui, incluant les responsables des campagnes de plusieurs candidats à la chefferie, soit Pat Fiore, organisateur en chef (Michael Ignatieff), Reine Hébert, organisatrice en chef (Bob Rae), Louise Fleischmann, organisatrice en chef (Gerard Kennedy) et Jennifer Crane, organisatrice en chef (Ken Dryden). Ces organisateurs sont directement branchés sur les différentes sections de la petite armée de bénévoles libéraux fédéraux du Québec.

Le large consensus qui se dégage derrière la candidature de Marc Lavigne s'explique par sa vaste expérience au sein du Parti libéral, tant comme organisateur dans toutes les régions du Québec que comme administrateur dans plusieurs postes clés. Récemment, il a été directeur national adjoint du parti (2006-2007), président du comité permanent de l'organisation (2006-2007) et directeur pour le Québec de la campagne à l'investiture de Stéphane Dion (2006).

Marc Lavigne est reconnu pour son sens du leadership, de la gestion et des communications, ainsi que pour ses qualités d'entrepreneur. Dans le secteur privé, il travaille activement comme consultant au Canada ainsi qu'à l'étranger. Il est diplômé en communications sociales de l'Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, et a également étudié en France.

Le prochain président du PLC (Q) sera élu au Congrès du parti dans la Ville de Québec au cours du premier week-end du mois d'octobre 2009.

Renseignements: Louise Fleischmann, (514) 772-4586, (450)


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Justin Trudeau Gives His Father Perfect Present

P.E.T may no longer walk among us, but his legacy continues. Happy Father's Day.
Expansion of the Nahanni National Park Reserve / Agrandissement de la Réserve du parc national du Canada Nahanni

From Justin Trudeau
Wednesday, June 17, 2009 at 5:41pm

Expansion of the Nahanni National Park Reserve

MPs Unanimously Complete the Right Honourable Pierre Elliott Trudeau's dream

Ottawa – Justin Trudeau, Member of Parliament for Papineau celebrates the passing of the Nahanni National Park Reserve expansion in the House of Commons.

Bill C-38 introduced by the Canadian Government has been unanimously passed by MPs in the House of Commons today. The changes to the National Park Act will make the Nahanni one of the world's largest National Park Reserves.

There was agreement by the four parties that the bill would be passed at all stages, sending it straight to the Senate for review.

The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) praised the bill, celebrating that “the world famous park reserve is now nearly seven times the size of the original one established in 1972. It will permanently protect over 30,000 km2 of Boreal wilderness - an area the size of Vancouver Island.”

The dream of fully protecting the Nahanni began in the early 70s with the Right Honourable Pierre Elliott Trudeau and thirty years later, in 2003, Mr. Justin Trudeau, well before becoming the Member of Parliament for Papineau, launched the current campaign to expand the park by paddling the river and headlining the "Nahanni Forever" speaking tour with CPAWS.

"We have finally come full circle with the Nahanni, and I am extremely proud to be part of the Parliament that unanimously completed the work that my father began so many years ago" said Trudeau.

Nahanni National Park Reserve is an outstanding example of northern wilderness rivers, canyons, gorges and alpine tundra. The park is centered on the river valleys of the South Nahanni and Flat rivers in the southwest part of the Northwest Territories.



Agrandissement de la Réserve du parc national du Canada Nahanni

Les députés réalisent le rêve du Très Honorable Pierre Elliott Trudeau

Ottawa – Le député de Papineau, Justin Trudeau, se réjouit du passage du projet de loi C-38 qui permet l’agrandissement de la réserve du parc national Nahanni du Canada. Les changements à la loi sur les Parcs Nationaux feront de Nahanni, une des plus grandes réserves de parc national du monde.

Ce projet de loi a été accepté à l’unanimité par les députés de la Chambre des communes. En effet, les quatre partis se sont entendus pour voter toutes les étapes du projet de loi afin de l’envoyer directement au Sénat pour étude.

La Société pour la nature et les parcs du Canada (SNAP) qui appuie le projet de loi, se réjouit du fait que « la nouvelle taille de Nahanni soit maintenant près de sept fois celle de la réserve de parc qui avait été établie en 1972. Elle protégera de façon permanente plus de 30 000 km2 de milieu sauvage boréal reconnu à l’échelle internationale, une superficie comparable à celle de l’île de Vancouver »

C’est au début des années 70, sous le Très Honorable Pierre Elliott Trudeau, que s’est amorcé le rêve de protection de la Nahanni. Trente ans plus tard, soit en 2003, Justin Trudeau, bien avant de devenir député, a poursuivi ce rêve en descendant la rivière en canoë et en étant conférencier principal de la tournée « Nahanni Forever » de SNAP.

« Nous avons finalement bouclé la boucle pour la Nahanni et je suis particulièrement fier d’avoir été de ces parlementaires qui ont pu réaliser ce que mon père a commencé il y a bien des années » a déclaré M. Trudeau.

La réserve de parc national Nahanni renferme de remarquables éléments dont des rivières, des canyons, des gorges et de la toundra alpine typiques des régions sauvages boréales. Le parc est articulé autour des vallées de la Nahanni Sud et de la Flat, dans le sud-ouest des Territoires du Nord-Ouest.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

The New Ekos Poll is Out

CBC has released its latest poll. Here's the full poll.


Could be a LOOOOONG Summer for us Liberals

And the smears will just keep on comin'.

It would be nice if we sent some 10 percenters out showing Harper broken promises and lies. But what do I know.

Oh, and we need to get this money into the hands of our ridings, so let's get a move on ladies and gentlemen.


Why Iran Should be the Envy of Americans and Canadians

Today many of us watch in awe, shock and envy over the events taking place in Iran. 40,000,000 men, women and children are marching in the streets for democracy. For democracy damn it. Democracy in a country we've been told has no democracy.

People are willing to die in Iran for democracy and for their vote to count while we here in Canada get to sit back and not have to worry about a summer election. Lucky Canadians we are. Thank God we don't have to have a summer election to get rid of what will prove to be the worst fiscal government in the history of this once proud democratic country.

And the U.S.? The same US that is always worried about iran disrupting the free world. Well their version of democracy was lost in 2000 when they allowed the most fixed election to select what would be the worst president in the history of the United States of America over a guy that travels the world as an enviromental spokesmen par excellence. Where were the marches in the streets in 2000? How did those same Americans re-elect this clown in 2004?

Yes, the people of Iran are speaking up. The ayatollah himself lives in fear. Now that's democracy. Thank God I don't have to worry about door knocking in that 28 degree heat in July here in Canada. I was shuddering at the sacrifice I'd have to make for Canadian democracy.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Refresh My Memory Again. We Dumped Our Former Leader Because _______??? to lose media momentum to avoid an election at all cost.

David Akin's impressed

Kady O'malley? Not so much.

Chantal thinks everyone's a winner.


Monday, June 15, 2009

Who Needs a Campaign Manager?

Or perhaps you have a nomination to win?

Well, with all this talk of elections and such, we here at the "what do I know grit" have assembled a quality list of savvy campaign guys and gals that may be available to help you out in your riding. Yep. We have.

Feel free to drop a line.


For Those of You That Aren't Sure of Who's Forcing an Election, We Have the Explanation 4 U


Is Ignatieff Suffering from Dionitis?

Stephane Dion was plagued in Quebec by "so-called" senior anonymous, insider, reliable sources throughout his entire tenure as leader. Heck, I even witnessed an anonymous interview firsthand during the Outremont by-election.

Now we have this report coming from the Le Devoir this morning telling us that, once again, the Party of Chretien and Trudeau will be cowering from a confidence vote. Understandable as we learn that only 30 of the 75 ridings actually have candidates ready to go.

I guess my biggest question remains, who are these "reliable sources" in Quebec, and why can't they shut their damn mouths?

The Star concurs with Le Devoir. No election.

The moral of the story is that, even though we have the national media almost entirely on our side, and Stephen Harper has regained all his baby fat, it appears that the OLO is not confident with internal polling numbers, money or the amount of candidates that are in place to run across the country. With only 5 nominations in place across Ontario, that would make sense I guess.

Throw in the fact that The Prime Minister's office has booked an official visit by the Emperor of Japan during what would be the official writ period, and voila, no election. Hello summer break in Parliament. It's almost like they know what's going on in Liberaland before the rest of do. Isn't it?


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Liberals to Fight National Election on Health Care...Again

"Clearly, the days of this government are numbered, whether it's this week or at some point in the future," MacKinnon said. "The fact of the matter is that Mr. Ignatieff has a big decision that must be taken in the interests of our economy and our health care system."

I wasn't aware that health care was even on the radar in recent days, other than that Chalk River fiasco, but apparently we're gonna fight an election on it. I'm okay with that, cause I think I know a thing or two about Chalk River. Then again, I'm still only a former Liberal organizer, so why should I be concerned.

Sounds like the buses are booked, the planes are on the ground and all the money's ready to be lent.


National Post's McParland Suddenly Gets a Conscience?

Holy Shit.

Tell us more about what's wrong with Parliament Kelly, so we can tell you more about the sad state of the National Post's journalistic integrity...or lack thereof.


Friday, June 12, 2009

Why are Liberals Setting Canada Back Decades

I've complained all the way up to the top. Nobody cares that there is no evidence whatsoever that Bill C-15 will reduce drug crimes. NONE.

At least somebody at The Star is writing about it. Apparently it's all about the polls?


It Would Appear We're Having a Summer Election

Update: He thinks again.

He said so. So did she.

Quick somebody tell the NDP and the Bloc.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Liberal Nominations Fast and Furious Now

Oak Ridges -- Markham - May 26, 2009 Lui Temelkovski runs again

Mississauga Erindale - May 27, 2009 Omar Alghabra runs again

Kitchener Centre - May 29, 2009 Karen Redman runs again

Kitchener Waterloo - June 14, 2009 Telegdi to return?

Brant - June 16, 2009 Bob Speller to return?

Welland - June 19, 2009 John Maloney unchallenged again


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Never Mind Lisa Raitt We Mada A Mistake with Bill C-15

Frances Russell of the Winnipeg Free Press tells us why.

Ignatieff's shift right angers Grits
By: Frances Russell

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff is shifting his party to the right. He's killed the centre-left coalition. He's defended the tar sands. Now, he's supporting the Conservatives' law and order legislation.
He's taking a big risk.

When Liberals "tack right" ideologically, or have a leader whose image is right-of-centre, like John Turner and Paul Martin, they lose elections.

A solid 30 to 35 per cent of Canadians always vote for the party of the right, now the Conservatives. The main political game is the 65 to 70 per cent of Canadians on the centre and left. When the Liberals pursue the conservative vote, not only do they fail to make inroads, they lose a big chunk of their base, and their potential base, to the three left-wing parties.

It was the Liberals' legendary "Rainmaker," Keith Davey, who formulated their famous "tack left" strategy, turning it into one winning campaign after another throughout the Pearson and Trudeau eras. Jean Chrétien's left-wing populism helped him cruise to three consecutive majorities. Turner and Martin couldn't tap into that. Their image was too "business Liberal." Poor English doomed leftish Stéphane Dion.

Ignatieff occasionally talks the progressive talk, but he has yet to walk it. He's also repeating Dion's biggest mistake, crying wolf. He keeps threatening to bring down the government and then backs away, to rising ridicule.

Rank and file Liberals are getting restive and angry. A published report Monday hinted at a grassroots Liberal revolt over the caucus decision to support the Conservatives' legislation imposing mandatory minimum sentences for drug crimes. Bill C-15 sets a mandatory six-month jail term for anyone growing just one marijuana plant for sale purposes. The Liberals are also expected to support abolishing the faint hope clause. It means individuals convicted of murder will serve their entire 25-year sentence and then be released, no strings attached, onto the general population.

Toronto lawyer James Morton, deputy chair of the Liberals' council of riding presidents, blogged that voting for C-15 is "a terrible idea." Former Niagara Falls riding president Jim Curran called it "one of the dumbest things I've seen the Liberal Party of Canada support in decades."

Added another anonymous Liberal: "I think the party will lose support over this."

Blogged another: "True courage is standing up against a failed policy that is detrimental to Canadians even though you know you will be painted as 'soft on crime.'"

Many Canadians will be surprised to learn that the Rainmaker's son, Ian Davey, is Ignatieff's principal secretary.

Paul Adams, director of strategic communications for Ottawa pollster Ekos Research, thinks he knows why even Ian Davey is prepared to abandon his father's political maxim.

The Liberals are convinced they lost the last election because they lost the "business Liberals" to the Conservatives, Adams says. And, in the new, post-Davey rulebook, losing a Liberal to a Conservative vote is akin to losing two votes: one because you've lost; the other, because you've given it to your chief opponent.

The Liberals believe they can't become truly competitive unless they first recapture business Liberals. "Then they feel they can present a strategic alternative to (the Conservatives) that will galvanize support on the so-called left," Adams continues. "But at the end (of the last election) the Liberals lost in every conceivable direction, Conservatives, Greens, NDP and the sidelines."

Ekos' April poll gave the Liberals a 6.5 per cent lead over the Conservatives -- 36.7 per cent to 30.2 per cent. But its June sample of 11,000 Canadians for the CBC showed the two parties tied: 33.5 per cent Liberal and 32.3 per cent Conservative.

Adams attributes the shift to upper income retired business Liberals. "They are more driven by the Toronto Stock Exchange than unemployment numbers." The TSX was booming during most of the polling period.

News of the $50-billion deficit hit just at the poll's close. Ekos' daily tracking since shows "those people suddenly stampeded back to the Liberals, so they are a very volatile group," Adams said. "If the Liberals think they're going to get to their 37 or 38 (per cent) with those folks, well, good luck to them."

The Rainmaker would agree. It's not just a tall order. It's practically impossible.

Frances Russell is a Winnipeg author and political columnist


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

And Now a Song for the Conservative Caucus

I'm sure they'll all be very happy with their Minister of Natural Resources today.

And this one goes out to that same Minister. Welcome back to the end days of the Mulroney Government. A minister a month.


Monday, June 8, 2009

Why I'm NOT Talking About Lisa Raitt Tonight

I'll let the rest of the blogging world sink her ship now. My job is done.

I remember Jennifer over at Runesmith's Canadian Content and me trying all we could to get the riding of Halton not to vote for this incompetent excuse for a Natural Resources minister. But there were even some Liberal strategists that didn't like Garth Turner, so our fight was very much in vain.

Anywho, I've been calling for her head to roll for several, several months now. Thanks to a friend of mine that will soon be a candidate for the Liberal Party, the OLO finally caught onto how big of a story this Chalk River was going to be.

And, because of that guy's persistance, and several emails a day to Mssrs. McGuinty and Regan, this story continued to break and Ms. Raitt had to start answering some questions and appearing on some talk shows. Hence the forgotten binder, hence the tape recording becoming relevant today.

There. Now you have the rest of the story.

Oh, and having lost my father and grandfather and great grandfather to cancer, I find this twisted individual named Raitt comparing cancer to being "sexy" more than just a little offensive. What a disgusting individual.

I hope the Ontario Cancer Society shows up at her office tomorrow and pickets her for her resignation.


Why are we Upset Over Bill C-15?

In 2007, the Conservatives proposed Bill C-26, an act supporting minimum drug sentencing. The Liberal Party of Canada supported it.
In 2009, the Conservatives proposed Bill C-15, an act supporting minimum drug sentencing. The Liberal Party of Canada supports it.

Can you spot the difference between the two bills? Me neither.

Again, I don't know a single lawyer that thinks this bill is a solution to detering drug crimes. In fact, to a person, they are all against this bill.


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Star Predicts a July Election

She may be right. Iggy might have to cancel his trip.


This is Not Your Daddy's Liberal Party Anymore

Update: It's now a revolt

So suck it up.

I don't know a single lawyer - prosecutors included - that want to see this law get passed, save for the bird that is currently our Minister of Justice.

This is one of the dumbest things I've seen the Liberal Party of Canada support in decades. It's right up there with that immigration bill we let pass last May that cost us about 5 ridings in the GTA.

Unfrickinbelievable. Is that one word?


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Grasshopper found dead in Bangkok Hotel

Famous for the for his part in "when you can snatch the pebble from my hand" Kung Fu, actor David Carradine has died. Why have you left us Kwai Chang Caine?


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Maxime Bernier gives Lisa Raitt Some Advice

How's that for funny!

"I think she has good judgement. She must use her judgment like I did in my circumstance," Maxime Bernier said Wednesday.

"I did what I had to do at my time. I assumed my own responsibility. She's going to do what she thinks is good for the country and for her."
- Maxime Bernier June 3, 2009

You lost me at the "she has good judgement" part Maxime.

Wait! There's more!

"I think Lisa does a wonderful job. She's been a real addition to our caucus," Defence Minister Peter MacKay said.

"I think her performance, in my view, has been spectacular."

Yes Peter, she's an addition, but her performance? She's hidden absolutely every truth about Chalk River since being assigned the portfolio. And, now, Canadians know most of the truth. But hey, even in baseball you only have to bat .300 to be great.

Poor, poor Jasmine. She shoulda grabbed that misplaced binder.

I wonder if Ms. Raitt will still be strategically placed behind Mr. Harper, in camera shot, in the days to come. Perhaps not. We'll see. Mr. Harper believes in the ole outta sight outta mind stuff.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Conservative Minister Lisa Raitt is the New Maxime Bernier

What is with these Cabinet Ministers leaving "secret documents" all over the place? Not only that, but Minister Raitt decided to leave documents containing secret spending. She's been deceiving the people of Canada about Chalk River since the day she was appointed to her position. Total incompetent. Halton made a mistake electing her.

If Maxime Bernier was fired, so too must Lisa Raitt be!!!!


Harper and Flaherty to Sell off the Furniture

The attack on Canada continues. The Royal Canadian Mint and Via Rail just might be next.

Why do these two men hate Canada so much?


“Opening Doors to Politics” with Kennedy and Friends

Gerard Kennedy's Team has put together two very special nights in June that are a must attend.

Gerard Kennedy invites YOU to a unique, one of a kind, experience with some of our brightest lights in public life today on June 9 and 14.

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Today’s politics requires politicians with the smarts and the desire to listen and work with citizens online and offline. Gerard and his friends are these politicians.

Learn about politics from the inside AND have dinner with Michael Ignatieff, Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada and Dalton McGuinty, Premier of Ontario.

Bob Rae, Current Foreign Affairs Critic and MP
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Bonnie Crombie, Member of Parliament
Mark Holland, Critic for Public Safety and National Security and MP
Kirsty Duncan, Member of Parliament
Omar Alghabra, former Member of Parliament

Who Should Be in Politics and Why
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To Register and for further information on seminars, guest speakers and prices visit


Monday, June 1, 2009

Liberal Minority if the Election was Tomorrow

Ekos has released a very large sample poll of 11,000 Canadians. And, lo and behold, the result shows a minority Liberal government would prevail.

The poll also reveals a very large Liberal lead in Ontario and that Stephen Harper is ahead of Michael Ignatieff is popular support (although 44% surveyed prefer neither of the men).

One problem though. As almost all of my Liberal buddies know, since January I've been asking that burning question: "What incentive, if any, would the NDP or the BLOC have to support us in a non-confidence motion?" The answer is ZERO. Both are enjoying large seat counts. Both are pissed at the non-binding coalition agreement debacle. Hell, Jack is already not down with an election call.