Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Senator Campbell Answers Justice Minister Nicholson

Conservative government the one playing politics with crime
Vancouver Sun
Tuesday, July 31, 2007
Page: A9
Section: Editorial
Byline: Larry Campbell
Column: Larry Campbell
Source: Special to the Sun

I have had the opportunity to witness the impact of crime from a number of different perspectives over the course of my career -- as an RCMP officer walking the streets, as a chief coroner looking into death, as a mayor responsible to the residents of Vancouver, and now as a senator engaged in examining the merits of anti-crime legislation.

I understand the serious effects that crime can have on a community and its residents.

More prominently, however, I have become acutely aware of the way that the psyches of people can be compromised when their personal safety or the sanctity of their family's security is put at risk.

This is why I have no patience for those who use fear as a means to an end. I am regularly angered by the way the media sensationalize crime, often reporting an opposite interpretation of the facts, which state that Canada's crime rate fell in 2006 to its lowest level in 25 years.

In the same fashion, I am absolutely incensed by the way that the Conservative government is playing politics with crime, particularly when it comes to the Canadian Senate.

In recent weeks, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and several of his cabinet ministers have accused Liberal senators of holding up the government's proposed crime bills.

These claims are that much more offensive after the tragic shooting death in Toronto of 11-year-old Ephraim Brown, which has sparked individuals like Justice Minister Rob Nicholson to accuse our Senate caucus of stymieing the legislation for stronger mandatory minimum sentences.

Well, this tactic of political manipulation has got me angrier than hell, and I am not going to stand silent any longer. First, let me provide a couple of basic facts.

The Conservative government has introduced a total of 13 justice bills in the past year. Seven have received royal assent, two are still being debated in the House of Commons, and the Senate is working on the final four, all of which have been in the upper chamber for less than two months.

Five of the seven bills that have passed faced absolutely no amendments from the Senate, instead offering observations designed to guide both the House of Commons and Canadians in interpreting the new laws.

Truth be told, it is actually the prime minister who has shown a disingenuous concern for his legislative justice agenda by refusing to accept a deal from the Liberals to fast-track justice legislation, which has consequently left several bills flapping in the wind over the summer. Additionally, the possibility of proroguing when the House of Commons returns brings the prospect that all bills sitting before the Senate will be required to start over again at first reading -- if, that is, a senator reintroduces them.

Of the four justice bills in front of the Senate, there are several substantive concerns that must be addressed before they become law. For example, Bill C-22 makes no distinction between sexual predators and sexually immature teens when it comes to the potential of being classified as a registered sex offender, and Bill C-35 provides preferential treatment to criminals who commit violent offences that do not involve a gun.

Sir John A. Macdonald, Canada's first prime minister (a Conservative), stated that the Senate was to be a place of "sober second thought" so that legislation would receive proper, careful consideration before finally becoming law. Thus, it is my duty to provide a proper examination of the issues, regardless of whether a piece of legislation originates from a Conservative government or Liberal government.

Partisan politics has never served as my motivation behind assessing matters that relate to law and order and the safety of the Canadian public.

Falsely accusing Liberal senators of stalling legislation, using the death of a child for political gain, or triggering people's fears based on misinformation, is governance of the worst kind.

These tactics only serve to reinforce the cynicism Canadians feel towards politicians and increase the public's concern that government officials are not representing their constituents and communities.

It's time to be truthful with Canadians, to accept that those who represent other parties are not always the enemy, and for Harper to grasp the concept of cooperation for the greater good.

Deceivin' Stephen Does it Again

In an attempt to appear environmentally friendly Stephen Harper announced a rebate for people purchasing fuel efficient cars...up to $2000 worth.

Much to our surprise (NOT), nobody has received a single rebate cheque to date - five months later!


Monday, July 30, 2007

CDFAI's Bob Bergen Says Opposition must Support Harper's Afghan Mission

Bob Bergen, who is a Research Fellow at the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute in Calgary has published an op-ed piece across the MSM. Mr. Bergen states in the piece"the Liberals have a moral obligation to help Harper's government finish what the Liberals themselves helped start"

Now, does anyone else that's Liberal feel the same obligation Mr. Bergen suggests? I, for one, do not.

In reading Mr. Bergen's op-ed in The Review today, I couldn't help but think his message is one skewed to influence Canadians to support the Conservative agenda for a further extension of the Canadian mission past our current 2009 agreement.

While Mr. Bergen brings into play the Afghanistan Compact and extols the virtues of how well the agreement is being implemented, there are many groups around the world that argue that the premise of the agreement and its goals could never be met by 2010. In fact, on January 30, 2007, Sam Zarifi, Asia research director of Human Rights Watch, declared, "Afghanistan hasn't really met any of the benchmarks, particularly those addressing the well-being of Afghan people." Zarifi further contends more Afghani civilians were killed and/or displaced in 2006 then in 2005.

Earlier this month, The Senlis Group released another damning report.
Edward McCormick, the country director in Afghanistan for the Senlis Council, told CTV's Question Period that Canada needs to do more to ensure that projects are carried out in the region.McCormick, who lives in Kandahar, said despite what is being said in the House of Commons, he is seeing few CIDA development projects carried out in southern Afghanistan.

"There may be something going on in the north where areas are more secure, where it has been possible to have schools set up for girls, but it's not happening in the south."

"Instead when I walk into the villages and refugee camps, which I do daily, I'm seeing children dying of starvation."

Mr. Bergen further asserts that the Harper government sought and received a Parliamentary mandate to extend the Afghan mission in 2006. Quite the contrary. Stephen Harper threatened an election if the mission wasn't extended. Only a half hour of debate was allowed, and during that time, most Conservative members were not in the House. Opposition MPs were not privy to the nature of Canada's new mission. Seeing that Canadians didn't want another election, Harper's blackmail ploy was successful.

As for Paul Martin sending troops over to Afghanistan along side the Americans in October 2001? It was Jean Chretien that was Prime Minister at the time, not Paul Martin. The world was reeling from the tragedy of 9/11, and Canada was to only play a supporting role in Afghanistan and one of rebuilding. (I would expect a Ph.D. employed as a Research Fellow would research who the PM was)

We continue to lose or young men an women serving in the Afghan theatre - more in the past 12 months than all the other years combined. We will lose more if this mission isn't changed or ended. Are we willing to make that sacrifice as Canadians?

I agree with Mr. Bergen - more debate is needed. It's needed because it wasn't debated in the first place. So, yes, the Parliamentary Committee on National Defence has recommended said debate. I look forward to that debate in 2008. As Mr. Bergen states, the NDP and Liberals are already against an extension. I would hazard a guess that if the Vandoos of Quebec begin to lose fine young men and women, the Bloc will have no choice but to support the rest of the opposition. Quebecers already detest the mission at a 75% opposition rate.

Should we continue to support the mission in Afghanistan financially? Yes. Should we continue to send our troops in harm's way as part of an attack force? No. We, as Canadians, can still implement our objectives without the involvement of our military and the risk of losing more of our young people.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Catholic School Board Circles the Wagons...

...or, in this case, the building.

Just another way to stem the tide of crime. The Toronto District Catholic School Board is being proactive about keeping their students safe and sound. This summer the Board is investing $700k to keep their students out of harm's way.

With any luck, that other school board will think of doing something similar.

Oh, and here's a tip for the Attorney General and Justice Minister of Canada. Mandatory jail time for anyone caught on these cameras near a school yard selling drugs, carrying a weapon, committing a violent crime. That might just beat blaming the Liberal Senators for gun crimes.

Friday, July 27, 2007

McGuinty & Bryant Teach Nicholson a Lesson

A $26 Million Guns and Gangs task force has been announced by the Ontario Liberals. Unlike the Federal Minister of Justice, McGuinty knows where the heart of the matter is.

Now if Mr. Nicholson could only think of a way to be creative about stopping guns coming into the country instead of blaming it on the Liberal Senators.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hillier's Had Enough?

Today the Canadian Armed Forces talking head finally threw a wet blanket on the Conservative military rhetoric.

We don't need new units says he. Field Marshall O'Connor will have fun with this one for the next little while trying to defend himself and lyin' Stephen for spending billions of unsanctioned military dollars.

Nicholson on Gun Laws: It's the Liberals Fault

Hilarious. Absolutely hilarious.

Ms. Jennings has the perfect response.

Rob, I have a newsflash for you. Sentencing "after the fact" does not stem the incredible ongoing use of hand guns currently in effect in our major cities. Getting to the root of the problem is the answer.

The key would be to assist inner-city programs that target high risk children in families that are subject to such violence. Another key would be to fund task forces that target gangs, etc. such as Dalton McGuinty just announced for the Golden Horseshoe. McGuinty's plan to meet with the Governors of the border states is another key to stopping the flow of illegal weapons coming in from our neighbour to the south. After the fact legislation is not the answer to ending gun related crimes.

Why isn't the Minister of Justice for the country starting such initiatives? Especially one that represents four international bridges as part of his constituency?

Blaming gun crimes and deaths of 11 year olds on Liberal Senators is a stretch at best Mr. Nicholson.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

So Much for Getting Rid of The Catholic School Boards

A few bloggers recently demonstrated some errant commentary on whether or not we should discard the Catholic School Boards here in Ontario. Of course, being a Catholic, I let out a medium-sized distaste for said commentary. While many other bloggers sided with said commentators, there were an equal number opposed.

Anyhow, John Tory has opened up a can of whup ass with his announcement yesterday. you see, Mr. Tory fully understands the popularity of faith-based education and the amount of votes one might obtain if one can pull it off.

Offering Bill Davis up as a moderator of public opinion in the matter makes it even more laudable. The same Davis that put forward funding to the Catholics in the 80's. Not only does Tory garner votes from religious education supporters of all walks of life, he now gets the votes of the Catholics. You see the Catholics will shore up their Separate School Boards with the notion that other religious-based groups will now be on par and have no reason to oppose their funding.

Tory plans on funding Islamic, Jewish, Hindu and even Christian schools. Now, who's gonna argue with that? Certainly not those bloggers calling for the dismantling of the Catholic School Board. Isn't their argument all about the bias against other faith-based schooling being left out in the cold?

P.S. The logo at the top is my alma mater. I paid tuition there for grades 11-13. I paid for my books and uniforms too. I had to work my butt off during the summer to do it too. Two years after my graduation, Bill Davis put an end to that. Thanks Bill.

P.P.S. Sapere Aude in the logo is a Latin phrase meaning "Dare to know" or "Dare to be wise", or sometimes translated as "Have courage to use your own reason". Thustly I reason.

Monday, July 23, 2007

The O'Connor Scandal???

Coming soon to a front page near you.

You know, I just have to laugh at this. The Conservatives, who don't mind playing the "ADSCAM" card at the drop of a hat, should look into the crystal ball and see what's in store for them.

Spending $22 Billion on "new" military equipment without debate in the House of Commons is one thing. Spending it because it was on "Gordon O'Connors list" is quite another.

Gordon O'Connor. The man who spent 8 years as a military lobbyist. Yes that O'Connor. The same O'Connor that thinks our mission is successful in Afghanistan inspite of little setbacks such as this occurance.

Do ya think it's a conflict that a military lobbyist made up a "things to buy list"? Ya think any of these companies that we're ordering this new equipment from employed O'Connor as a lobbyist?

Looking forward to your responses.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

200 Million Dollars!!!

If you say it really fast, all you'll hear is two dollars. But Gordon O'Connor swears there's no politics when it comes to the Military.

$200 Million

Over 20 years - $10 Million a year.

Over 200 students - $50,000 per student per year.

Not bad for a CEGEP. (If you're gonna do it, do it right. Give them back the University status)

Spend it if you got it. A billion here. A billion there. Here a billion. There a billion. Everywhere a billion billion.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Quebec Soldiers Deployed

Harper and Conservatives to plummet in the polls!!!

That's the reality of the situation. The Conservatives will drop in popular support in the Province of Quebec. Like sh@t through a goose baby!

Why? Quebec citizens just don't like this Afghanistan military movement. They won't be afraid to boot those Quebec Conservative MPs the heck out of their seats next election either.

I will not be surprised when the Canadian commanders try very hard to get the Royal 22nd Regiment a backup role for the first six months.

Naturally politics won't have anything to do with the Miltary's decisions!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Al-Qaeda Ready to Strike U.S. Again?

....and the sky is falling.

I guess invading Iraq, killing Saddam, occupying Afghanistan and winning the hearts and minds and spending trillions of dollars on unwinnable things hasn't accomplished G Dubya's War on Terror goals....whatever they were.

CNN reports it all here.

What a Shame!

I met Mr. Mirvish when I was a lad of 11. Although we all know one cannot live forever, it's still sad when they leave.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bert Brown in the Senate....Or, Can You Eat Your Own Words?

Frontier Centre for Public Policy once asked our new Senator Bert Brown a question.

FC: Many Canadians generally don’t understand what the Senate is and they are sympathetic to the idea of simply just getting rid of it. Bert, why do we need a Senate?

Bert Brown: We need it because we have no counter-balance at all to a Prime Minister with a majority in Parliament, who effectively controls not just the House of Commons by party discipline and the threat of expulsion. He also now controls the second chamber through the appointment procedure, which is the longest running system of legalized bribery in the modern world. It’s better than having a 6/49 winning ticket because you don’t even have to buy one, you’re just given it by Prime Minister whose party has been whispering in your ear for ten years or more. You helped us in the last election, we’re putting you on the short list for Senate appointment if you’ll just help us with the next election. Probably there’re ten thousand people on the short list but they’re all working for a party because they all believe that they might end up in the Senate. Very few do, but an awful lot of loyalty is built into that whole equation.

I guess, 1. the Prime Minister has been whispering in his ear for 10 or more years 2. He helped win the last Federal election 3. HE WON THE LOTTERY!!!

I bet old Bert don't wanna do away with the Senate now. BTW does anyone know how old Bert is?

Here's the link where I found the quote.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Afghanistan: NO, we're not winning the Hearts & Minds

Today, CTV reports interesting commentary from the Afghanistan member of the Senlis Council.

He's says we need a new initiative over there and that our money is almost invisible. Not to mention children dying of starvation. And Josee Verner confirms that we spent another $39 million over there. That's $69 million I heard of this week alone.

Oh, and did I mention another four Canadians were injured? We have lost sight of what our mission was and where it is going.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Pissing on Your Corn you Flakes

Harper manages to do it again!!! How long does this man think he can get away with insulting Premier after Premier???

Thank God the guy claims that he has unified this country of ours. What an absolute joke!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

It's NOT a F@#king War!!!

There is a difference my friends when you're trying to define a war versus a military action. And, Afghanistan IS NOT A WAR. Because G Dubya calls it a "war on terror", it does not make it a war.

It's Bullshit!!! Pure Bullshit! If it was a f@#king war, there would be 100,000 plus troops there bombing the shit out of everything in sight. It's a military action put in place to stop a group of people called the Taliban - the same Taliban that the US government propped up for years against the Russians. We're supposed to be there to prop up a rampantly corrupt government, get rid of Al-Queda, and rebuild some infrastructure. So, does anyone in their right mind see that happening in the immediate future? When I say immediate, I mean within the next ten years. Anyone?

I, for one, will call this an "UNWINNABLE WAR". Russia couldn't beat the Taliban and our 35,000 NATO forces scattered all over the place aren't gonna beat them either. So my question is: HOW MANY MORE CANADIAN MEN AND WOMEN ARE WE WILLING TO LET COME HOME IN CASKETS AFTER 2009??? 100? 1000? 10,000? WE'VE ALREADY LOST 2.5% OF OUR CURRENT DEPLOYMENT THERE.

In the meantime, we have a little 2.5 million person genocide going on that nobody gives a rats ass about.

Hostages Taken in Montreal

Police have surrounded a bank in Montreal. Details are sketchy. Let's hope those innocent people stay unharmed!

UPDATE: http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20070705/mtl_bank_070705/20070705?hub=TopStories

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

We Need $30 Million in OUR System

As I said yesterday, Canada needs $30 million in our own Justice System...never mind Afghanistan. Having to pay $2000 to each of nine potential gang members for delays is an abuse to the taxpayers of Ontario. The Crown should be ashamed.

You'll see a lot more of this bullshit happening in days to come. Trust me.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Cherniak Forgot about The British North America Act

You see, it's not about doing away with religious schools being funded. It's a constitutional arguement as well. Last time I checked my property tax bill I am paying for my children's Catholic education.

Jason Cherniak said...
It's not a "majority". But if it's the largest ethnic group, I don't think "minority" is accurate either.

For the record Jason, "Catholics are not an ethnic group". They are people from different ethnicities that share a common religion.

Significant Events in the History of Catholic Education
h/t to OCSTA for their history chart.

1841 First School Act for the Province of Upper Canada

There was a need to obtain some financial support from the Crown to pay teachers salaries
Government responds - permitting the establishment of denominational schools and more permanent funding growth

Tache Act

Extends right of Upper Canada's Catholic minority to create and manage their own schools

1863 Scott Act

Sectarian bitterness was very strong and threatened minority rights in Upper Canada
Archbishop Charbonel provides leadership
Government responds
Gave Catholic trustees all the rights and powers of their public school counter-parts: Catholic schools were also allowed a share of Common School fund by Canadian government.

1867 British North America Act

Need to constitutionally secure minority rights of Catholics re: education
Government responds by including Section 93 and the educational rights of the Catholic minority were secured constitutionally

1925 Tiny Township Case

Need for financial support for high schools
Lay Catholic leadership emerges
Government responds - Catholics have just claim for funds for Grades 9 and 10 - no constitutional rights beyond that but opens the door by stating that the provincial government could grant funds beyond Grade 10

1930 Ontario Separate School Trustees' Association is Founded

1930's Catholic Taxpayers' Association

Efforts made to secure equitable distribution of corporate and business tax to Catholic Boards

1950/60 Hope Commission

Recommends that elementary level be cut back to K-6

1961 OSSTA Publishes 1st Catholic Trustee Magazine

Publication continues until 1997 with revised format introduced in 1986
Replaced by Catholic Trustee Newsnotes in 1997

1963 "Equal Opportunity for Continuous Education in Separate Schools of
Ontario" - Brief to Premier and Minister of Education

This was a major step towards obtaining full funding for Catholic schools. The Brief enjoyed the support of all Catholic partners including the Bishops
One of the highlights of the Extension campaign was the Student Rally at Maple Leaf Gardens organized by the Ontario Catholic Students' Federation
In 1971, the Brief was rejected by the then Premier - William Davis

1969 County and District School Boards Created (known as Larger Units of

1969 OECTA/OSSTA Religious Education Courses Launched

Courses in the teaching of catechetics offered in winter and summer
Certificates issued by joint associations to teachers who successfully complete the couse
Courses would eventually expand to Course 1, 2 & 3 and be recognized by the Ministry for qualification purposes

1972 Focus on Faith for the Future program Established by OSSTA

Major thrust of the program was to develop a total Catholic school community which would embrace all its component parts - trustees, teachers, administrators, priests and parents

1976 Blair Commission Tours Province to assess reaction to taxing Catholic High
School Property

Through the combined efforts of clergy, trustees, teachers, parents and students the Tax Plan was scrapped

1978 Government Approves Religious Education Credits for Grades 0 & 10

1980 Bill 82 Grants Catholic schools the right to provide "Special Education"

1984 Grade 9 & 10 Students in Catholic Schools are Recognized as "Secondary"
School Students

1984 Premier Bill Davis Announces Intention to Extend Funding to Grades 11, 12
& 13 (OAC) in Catholic Schools

1985 Passage of Bill 30 (including s.136 1.a.) - Extends Full Funding to Grades 11, 12 & 13 (OAC) in Catholic Schools

Would be challenged in the Court of Appeal of Ontario and in the Supreme Court of Canada Section 136 1.a., a Clause which restricted, to a ten year period, the rights of Catholic school boards to prefer to hire Catholic teachers was inserted. It would later be challenged in Court

1985 Completion Office of the Separate Schools Founded

Provides a forum for Catholic partners, including OSSTA, to address political issues arising from "extension" - Bill 30

1986 Institute for Catholic Education (ICE) Founded by the Ontario Council of
Catholic Bishops

OSSTA is a member of the Institute and actively contributes to the work of the partners around issues of Curriculum, Teacher Education, Faculties of Education, etc.

1986 Bill 30 Declared Constitutional by the Ontario Court of Appeal

1987 Bill 30 Declared Constitutional by the Supreme Court of Canada

1991 ICE Publishes "Blishen Report"
Provides a vision of the goals for Catholic students as they were articulated by parents, clergy, teachers and trustees

1992 Ontario Fair Tax Commission

OSSTA Participates in Work of Property Tax Working Group including presentation of Minority Report

1993 Royal Commission on Learning Appointed
OSSTA attends Hearings and presents Submission; "The Hope That Lives Within Us"

1995 Royal Commission on Learning Issues Report: For the Love of Learning
OSSTA responds

1995 School Councils Established
Purpose is to bring parents and teachers together for the local management of their schools
OSSTA publishes two major documents: Evolution of Catholic School Councils and Involving Other Parents

1995/96 Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs re: Amendment
to Term 17 of the Terms of Union Between Canada and Newfoundland

OSSTA supports Newfoundland Catholics in their fight to protect Catholic Education in their province

1997 Justice Sharpe rules that Section 136 of the Education Act is
Unconstitutional and of no force or effect

This ruling would be appealed in the Appeal Court of Ontario
The Appeal Court supports Justice Sharpe's ruling
Application to appeal the Appeal Court's decision is dismissed
Section 136 was struck out by the Court as it was unconstitutional. Catholic boards have the constitutional authority to take matters of faith into account in hiring, advancing, promoting and dismissing employees. Employees are entitled to challenge such preferential practices, however, where the qualification is not reasonable and bona fide

1997 OSSTA adopts new Name - Ontario Catholic School Trustees' Association

This name more accurately reflects our mission as the provincial representative of English Catholic school trustees

1997 Bill 104 - Fewer School Boards Act (1997)

Roman Catholic Separate School Boards reduced from 53 to 29 Catholic District School Boards and six School Authorities. Catholic trustees reduced from 710 to 250

1997 Education Improvement Commission

Commission mandated to oversee and direct the amalgamation and operation of schools and to oversee the transition of the new system of education governance in Ontario

1997 Bill 160 - Education Quality Improvement Act, 1997

Introduces a fair and equitable funding formula for public and Catholic schools
OCSTA supports direction taken by the Government in the area of curriculum, standards, accountability, reporting and funding
OCSTA expresses reservation about some of the initiative in the area of governance, in the matter of labour relations and negotiations and about the pace of the comprehensive educational reforms in certain areas

1997 Ontario Regulation 461/97 Establishes Policy Guidelines for Representation
of the Interests of Pupils on School Boards

OCSTA publishes "Enbracing the Future: Catholic Pupil Representatives on Catholic School Boards" to help school boards develop local policies
OCSTA Launches Web Site for Student Representatives
OCSTA assists in coordinating in-service opportunities for Student Representatives

1997 Religious Education as Teaching Subject Introduced in Faculties of

1998 Bill 160 - Constitutional Challenges

Justice Peter Cumming (General Division Court of Ontario) finds that it is unconstitutional for the provincial government through Bill 160 to suspend the right of Catholic school boards to set a local mill rate
All other aspects of the challenge are unsuccessful
OCSTA reaffirms that it is unlikely that Catholic boards would see any benefit in exercising their right to tax as raising money beyond equitable levels would be inconsistent with our long-standing goal of fair funding for all students
The government appeals the lower court's decision re: taxation and OPSBA, OECTA, other teacher unions and individuals appeal other parts of the lower court's decision. OCSTA is an intervenor
A panel of 5 Ontario Court of Appeal judges hear the Appeals and eventually reverses the ruling of the lower court. OCSTA is an intervenor
The decision of the Court of Appeal would be challenged in the Supreme Court of Canada

1998 Government Financial Support for Creation of Catholic Curriculum for
Catholic Schools
Coordinated through the Institute for Catholic Education

1999 OCSTA Adopts New Logo

Considerations which guided the design included the need to symbolize in a contemporary style the traditional goals and mission of the Association

2000 Charter of Education Rights and Responsibilities

Heralds an era of accountability
OCSTA publishes document "Visioning the Future: A Reflection on the Charter of Rights and Responsibilities from the perspective of Catholic Schools"

2000 Bill 74 - Education Accountability Act, 2000

2001 Bill 160 Declared Constitutional by the Supreme Court of Canada

2001 Bill 80 - Stability & Excellence in Education Act

2001 Task Force on Effective Schools Established

OCSTA responds with document entitled: A Catholic Response to the Task Force on Effective Schools

$30 Million to Afghanistan

What a fabulous idea. Help a government overhaul their legal system. I'm sure western law will help with the religious fanatical right. I'm sure it will also deter the general population from growing and exporting poppies.

Maybe train the cops to arrest people first, then overhaul the justice system. Who are we to impose our version - or anyone elses for that matter - on Afghanistan. Better yet, maybe get rid of the Taliban first, since they are the real justice system in Afghanistan.

Sometimes you have to just stop throwing good money after bad. $30 million could have got a couple homeless people off the subway grates in Toronto.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Speak no Evil, See No Evil

Did anyone really think Bush and Cheney would sit there and let their buddy Scooter go to prison. Really now. What if he shared a few other little secrets with his cellmates? Now that wouldn't be very good would it?

Harper Copies Dion...Again!

Yesterday during his Canada Day speech, PMSH used the words "environment and energy superpower" all in the same sentence.

Where have I heard that before?...Oh yeah... every speech Stephane Dion has given since leadership. It's now official...The ConSWIRVatives are Liberal Wannabes. PMSH should have just run on the Liberal ballot.

Here's some of Dion's use of the superpower metaphors. Here, Here, Here

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Happy Canada Day!!!

Wishing Everyone a great day. Peace y'all!