Sunday, April 25, 2010

Liberals to Launch Gun Registry Commercials

I guess we've finally found our wedge issue that we feel we can throw money at. Now, can anyone inform Wayne Easter?

Here's the EMAIL:

James --

Barely 48 hours after Michael Ignatieff proposed sensible changes to make the long gun registry fairer and more effective, Stephen Harper has opened the Conservative war chest – and teamed up with the gun lobby – launching personal attacks against MPs and police who support gun control. As the Liberal Party’s chief fundraiser, I need your help right now to fight back.

The attacks began as Conservative spokesman and Saskatchewan MP Gerry Breitkreuz compared Canada’s police chiefs to “members of a cult” who “should be ashamed of themselves” for defending the gun registry – a tool police officers use over 11,000 times each day in their work protecting public safety.

Close behind was a deluge of radio ads targeting Liberal MPs in rural ridings, spreading misinformation and questioning the integrity of our MPs for doing exactly what you and I elect our representatives to do – listen to their constituents and work to adapt the laws of the land in ways that find common ground.

Police across the country tell us that they rely on the gun registry. I believe them. Law abiding gun owners tell us the gun registry has problems in its current form and I believe them too. So we need a balanced solution and the Liberal proposal provides it. Now, our MPs who helped to create that solution are under fire and need our support.

That’s why it’s critical that we respond with a targeted ad campaign of our own. Canadians need accurate information about the changes we’ve proposed, and the MPs under attack need to know that Liberals from coast to coast to coast are standing behind them.

Adler and John Tory Tell us Canadians Just Don't Care

And Jane Taber has a hysterical fit of chuckles. These two idiots should stick to hyper-conservative, we-don't-take-your-questions-if-they-aren't-in-agreement-with-us-radio shows. Tory toes the line with the ever popular "Liberal Ad Scam".

Jaffer finally finds friends.

Here's the video

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Why do the Conservatives Hate Italians so Much?

They must think most of them are Liberals or something. Good for Massimo Pacetti. Hopefully his caucus will continue to support him....unlike some other private bills fellow caucus members have put forward.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bye Bye Liberal Grassroots....

...see ya in 2012. Today, it is reported that the Liberal Party of Canada will hold their next biennial convention June 17-19, 2011 in Ottawa.

To me this means the following sequence of events are about to take place (because these guys read Juggernaut and they think they are the reincarnation of the Martinites):

1. Anyone wishing to run for a position of riding president, table officer, provincial officer or table officer that is deemed to be "unfriendly to the OLO" will promptly get squashed in a contested (or so they call it) battle at the riding and provincial levels from this day forward.

2. Talk of Liberal leadership will be rekindled faster than you can say "snap".

3. There is obviously NO ELECTION IN THE YEAR 2010.

CON MP Calls for an Iggy Beating...

...and calls Police Chiefs of Canada "a cult".

WTF? It's starting to look like the Mulroney days.

Monday, April 19, 2010

NDP Supports the Conservatives....AGAIN

NDP nixes the Jaffer Geurgis inquiry. Shouldn't there be an investigation as to whether or not there was some sort of underhanded unregistered lobbying going on. Brad Levine of the NDP is on CTV and he doesn't think so.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lisa Raitt Helps Bring Down Geurgis

This morning the CBC is reporting it was Lisa Raitt that relayed PI's info to the PMO... I guess she didn't like sharing the camera time behind Mr. Harper.

The private investigator said he first alerted his member of Parliament, Conservative Lisa Raitt, who represents the Halton riding, and also contacted the party's riding executive.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bill C-311 Passes

And naturally the Conservatives voted against saving our children's future.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rahim Jaffer's Better Half

No, not Helena. Patrick Glemaud.

He appears to be the man behind the man at present. But who is he?

According to Mr. Jaffer's website, Mr. Glemaud is his business partner. The relationship seems to have spanned over two decades now. And it would also appear that Mr. Glemaud is somewhat of a psychic. In this article he predicts that "his friend will be exonerated". Funny how a guy that worked for the Department of Justice can see into the future like that.

Oddly enough, Mr. Glemaud also happened to be the Conservative candidate for Ottawa Vanier in 2008 and was on target to be that riding's candidate again until September 11, 2009. Yes, that's right. The day after Mr. Jaffer's arrest. Strange on the timing of that. Glemaud is the guy to Rahim's left in several news clips the day of Jaffer's release.

Today Mr. Glemaud came to the rescue of his friend again.

I wonder just how many careers Mr. Jaffer will destroy before he comes to the realization that he is not helping himself or those around him in any way, shape or form.

Jaffer Still Using Conservative Logo

You can't make this stuff up. Just go to and have a peek at the address line.

Helena Guergis' Tirade in PEI Now Excusable

I mean seriously. If you were stuck in a hell hole and knew your husband was wining and dining with unsavoury types for an extended period of time because of it, wouldn't you have thrown a tantrum?

Obama Orders Assassination

Remember Bush's deck of cards for bad Iraqis. Well, the Obama guys don't play cards.

ONTARIO! Ours to Recover