Thursday, September 6, 2012

Liberal Leadership April 14, 2013 in Ottawa

Yes. My buddy Justin will be running. Yes he will win.

Yes Martha will be running too. She can't help herself. Maybe someone can talk her out of it. Doubt it though. Oh well.


The Greenskeeper said...

Justin needs to be talked out of running. The voting populous sees us a bunch desperately grasping for power; if he wins that perception is reality. His comments on seperatism will be taken out of context and he has not accomplished nearly enough outside of politics to have an accurate scope on the priorities of Canada.

This will be seen as a ploy to cash in on a name. You and I may know better but with an under educated and misinformed voting public it would be nearly impossible to convey the right message.

James Curran said...

"and he has not accomplished nearly enough outside of politics"

You're kidding right? The guy was getting $10k a function to speak at events before was even elected.

And, of all the Canadians available, including the Prime Minister, Governor General, ex Prime Ministers, etc., why did he get the call to introduce his holiness?

The Greenskeeper said...

10k is nothing for a speaking engagement. James Carville was given 50k by OLP in 2006 for 10 minutes.

As for the Dali Lama; in the article it even mentions Justin as Pierre's son. The Dali Lama likely knew Pierre well and probably even Justin when he was young. I chalk that one up to being sentimental.

I don't argue what he has done, it just isn't enough to counter his odd comments on separatism. He entered politics far too early; he should have spent his 30's and 40's working for causes and building up his statesman reputation rather than being an MP making 100k+ toting the party line.

James Curran said...

And how much do you think Trudeau will get when he leaves office?

You're ridiculous. Working for causes? What was katimivik? Instead he spent his 20s. I think you better have a look at how old leaders are in this country when they get elected. Start with Harper, Clark, Wall, Charest, Ghiz.

You may be out of touch.

The Greenskeeper said...

Meh. Katimavik was nice.

You are insinuating that Justin should follow the same cookie cutter be a politician handbook like all the others on your list.

If we want to win this man needs to do something great. Not good...not cool but great.

Pierre would have demanded more of him. It's a privilege, not a birthright.

James Curran said...

Sure. Whatever. You sound like Alf Apps. He knew what Justin's father wanted better than Justin too.