Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Kiss of Death for George Smitherman?

If anyone knows how to snatch defeat from the hands of victory, it's these guys. They have lots of experience at it. They lost an unlosable leadership for Michaeal Ignatieff and took Rossi from 2nd to 5th. Good gawd. Good luck George.


ck said...

Knowing the poor track record of these folks, why on earth would Smitherman even entertain them? Good help hard to find??

James Curran said...

Because they come from Rossi. No other reason. It has nothing to do with their ability to recruit, retain, renew. It's optics.

Anonymous said...

While I think Rocco would have been a fantastic mayor, It is time he step aside.

He is not going to pull a 30 point increase over the next two weeks.

Rick Barnes said...

These people all seem to have left a month or two ago. Smitherman`s team is making it look like they walked out yesterday from Rossi`s team.

Like James said the value is not in the skills set or lack of same, (they lost with Iggy)its the optics of momentum that count here.

The Smitherman team make humour these folks, give them a desk and a pad of paper and a name on a card, but they don`t need these guys nor really want them to do much but stay out of the way.