Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Maxime Bernier gives Lisa Raitt Some Advice

How's that for funny!

"I think she has good judgement. She must use her judgment like I did in my circumstance," Maxime Bernier said Wednesday.

"I did what I had to do at my time. I assumed my own responsibility. She's going to do what she thinks is good for the country and for her."
- Maxime Bernier June 3, 2009

You lost me at the "she has good judgement" part Maxime.

Wait! There's more!

"I think Lisa does a wonderful job. She's been a real addition to our caucus," Defence Minister Peter MacKay said.

"I think her performance, in my view, has been spectacular."

Yes Peter, she's an addition, but her performance? She's hidden absolutely every truth about Chalk River since being assigned the portfolio. And, now, Canadians know most of the truth. But hey, even in baseball you only have to bat .300 to be great.

Poor, poor Jasmine. She shoulda grabbed that misplaced binder.

I wonder if Ms. Raitt will still be strategically placed behind Mr. Harper, in camera shot, in the days to come. Perhaps not. We'll see. Mr. Harper believes in the ole outta sight outta mind stuff.


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