Friday, February 27, 2009

Russians Bombing Canada......Conservatives Begin Wagging the Dog

A la the now famous political spin movie, Peter MacKay has called a press conference this morning to tell Canadians about RCAF F-18s being scrambled just before President Obama's visit. Apparently there was a Russian bomber approaching Canadian airspace. Curious to hear the Russian side of the story.

If the facts are that this happens often, why is this recent event worthy of a news conference?



penlan said...

So the Cons can say: We stand on guard for thee". Gah! Horseshit...

More fearmongering - always works for the Cons ya know.

The Mound of Sound said...

Ever since Shrub decided to position anti-missile batteries on Russia's doorstep the Reds have resumed their bomber patrols along the edge of North American airspace.

BTW Jim, it was the RCAF when I joined up as a kid but didn't it become just the plain old CAF since then?

Robert G. Harvie, Q.C. said...

Announcement made for political mileage.. probably.

But, fear-mongering? Doubtful any Canadian truly has fear of invasion by Russia, but if there are gold and silver medalists in fear-mongering, I'd say that would be David Suzuki and Al Gore..

Big Winnie said...

This news is just to distract people's attention from the real issues facing Canadians.