Sunday, October 19, 2008

The March to Stornoway

A frindly reader of TWDIKG was nice enough to pass on a few points of interest about Storming Stornoway.

H/t Sassy

* From the Queensway (the 417) take the Alta Vista / Vanier Parkway exit and travel north on the Vanier Parkway up to Beechwood Avenue
* Turn right onto Beechwood and travel about 6 blocks and then turn left onto Acacia (which is the first street past Marier St, there are a set of lights at Beechwood and Marier, also a Bridgehead Coffee place near that intersection)
* Travel on Acacia to 541 (which will be on your LEFT hand side and well marked, the 541 number is posted on a tree/post on the front)

If for any reason, people need a place to meet in the area, there is a lovely public park (locals call it the Rockeries) that is accessible from Acacia.  The park walkway entrance is a little north of 541 and on the left hand side (not far past the Korean Ambassador's residence which is almost across the street from Stornoway and marked with lion statues at the entrance). Not far from that entrance to the park, if you look down and to your left there are large concrete columns and an old stone fountain with cherubs on it. 
Parking - just past the entrance to the Rockeries there are a few parking spots and further down Acacia widens as it curves to the left and then ends at the Rockcliffe Parkway. Seems there is also public parking there.
Acacia can be reached from either the Rockcliffe Parkway or Beechwood, but the turn from the Rockcliffe Parkway onto Acacia is a little tricky, I suggest the Beechwood route.
If anyone does want to use the Rockcliffe Parkway, remind them that it is just a continuation of Sussex Drive, past 24 Sussex, past the GC residence and past the Rockcliffe Park.
If for any reason, people want to gather afterwards (or before), there are two pubs on Beechwood (both with patios and both decent)

* The New Edinburgh Pub at the corner of Beechwood and the Vanier Parkway
* The Clocktower Pub at 422 MacKay Street (corner of MacKay and Beechwood, just one block from the New Edinburgh Pub)



sassy said...

The park walkway entrance is a little north of 541 and on the left hand side (correction, park is on right hand side of Acacia)

S.K. said...

The Clock Tower pub is ten times better than the News Edinburgh pub.

Brent Neill said...

Give Dion a hug and tell him thanks for the memories.

He is more than welcome to stay on as an MP and a capable minister is the next Liberal government, but not as leader.

Aurelia said...

Good luck, at minimum, he'll know that some people in the party still have class and decency. Take care.

cyberwanderer said...

Wish I could be there. All the best.