Monday, July 7, 2008

Chantal Hebert - Her Dion Vendetta Continues

In what can only be deemed a ridiculous analogy at best, Chantal Hebert's column today smells of political bullshit. The Green Shift = Sovereignty? Wow. Good one.


Mala Fides said...

Her article makes no reference to the long-term goal of the Clarity Act, which was to provide some stability to Canadian politics and to the country's economy which had taken a severe beating after the last separatist go around.

I can't agree with you more that the only point of Hebert's article was to reinforce the fact that Dion was the author of the Clarity Act and that Quebeckers are again being told by Hebert not to like Dion.

Maybe Hebert can tell Quebeckers not to like Dion for the stability that followed the inactment of the Clarity Act or the period of relative tranquility and prosperity in Quebec that followed the slight decline in Quebec's
separatist movement. Maybe Hebert can blame Dion for the improvements to Quebec's housing market and business community.

Or maybe, Hebert can blame Dion for putting into play a piece of legislation that actually meshes quite nicely with Quebec's progressive attitude about the environment.

Alternatively, perhaps Hebert can start writing about how Harper's environment plan goes entirely against the interests and leanings of a majority of Quebeckers.

I doubt that we will see any of those issues being discussed in Ms. Hebert's ax grinding (I mean column).

It is a complete stretch to link the Green Shift to the Clarity Act.

Fine, I get the point that according to Ms. Hebert, Alberta is the new Quebec when it comes to the Green Shift.

I didn't realize that Ms. Hebert was so in tune with Alberta politics!! In the past 5-6 years since I have been reading her column, I have seen very few mentions of Alberta. I guess she only brings it up when it serves her agenda to run down Stephane Dion.

calgarygrit said...

There may be some truth to the analogy - it is one Dion himself has made.

But Hebert is letting her hate of hte clarity act cloud her judgment of it's effects.