Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Fudget Day!!!

Well, we seem to already know much of the plan on how Harper is going to SPEND the money (and not even one hint of an RCMP investigation).

My question is how is he planning on paying it back???

Harper could get away with politically motivated gimmicks like cutting the GST when times were good, but there are no gimmicks available to pay back billions in debt.

Maybe Harper will once again follow the lead of his buddy George Dubya Bush and run the country's economy into the ground and leave it to the grown-ups to pick up the pieces.

We warned you this day would come. Here, here, here, here, here, here and here

Um. What do I know anyway



penlan said...

My problem is that will any of the monies be released? The towns, cities have to put up 1/3 of the infrastructure stimulus & they don't have the money. And Baird said, yesterday, it was the 1st he'd heard they don't have the money. Don Newman said it a few times & he repeated the same answer.

There will most likely be all kinds of pre-releasing monies stipulations & nothing will be freed up. Hence no deficit.

Big Winnie said...

That's incredible...Baird had no idea Municipalities can't afford the money for infrastructure spending?

In that case, who did the CONs consult?

Certainly no "ordinary Canadians"!

Beijing York said...

I imagine that the CONs consulted The Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships.

From their what's new sidebar:

Prime Minister says P3s are exactly what economy needs
Needed to help "bolster confidence" (Jan. 12/09)


P3s are all the rage with Winnipeg's city council and mayor. Private capital investment upfront, tax payer debt for the next few decades (or worse if the investors pull out as they did with the Olympic Village project in Vancouver).

From the Financial Post:

How investors can cash in on economic stimulus

Levi Folk, Financial Post Published: Monday, January 26, 2009
Related Topics

As the global economic downturn sinks in, bipartisan politics is taking a backseat to broad support for Keynesian style fiscal stimulus and infrastructure projects in particular are getting a major boost because they are quickly implemented and lead to immediate job creation.

Monday, the Conservative government unveiled the $7-billion in infrastructure spending, to take place over the next two years.

Share prices of publicly listed companies in the infrastructure space are reacting to this near term investment opportunity...


Big Winnie said...

Upon rereading your blog, I wonder how much of the taxpayers money Harper is going to waste in his lawsuit against Elections Canada?