Monday, January 26, 2009

The Blogging Tories Now Have a New Name

Wow! Big news people!

I thought Cherniak's message on Liblogs a couple of weeks ago may have gone over the line a bit. BUT, Stephen Taylor has gone one better and changed the name of his whole entire aggregator.

Yep. The new name of the blogging borings is now "The Blogging Tories Canadians for" Go figure.



roblaw said...

Well, while I don't believe Israel is necessarily wrong, I don't believe that Israel needs "supporters" either - boosterism isn't particularly helpful at this point to encouraging peace. We need positive ideas, not more supporters on either side.

LeDaro said...

They should have a more appropriate name. We call ourselves Liberal Bloggers. They should call themselves Tory Bloggers or TB. That is what they really are. Caution, stay away you might catch it.