Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fool me once . . . Shame on you!!!

For starters, with his $5.6 BILLION dollar hidden deficit as Ontario's Finance Minister, why would Canadians believe anything this man has to say about a budget?

And earlier this year, wasn't it Flaherty who stated that we won't go into deficit because our economy will remain strong?

Check out:



In fact, almost all of the (real) economists who commented on the budget were saying from the outset that Flaherty's projections were entirely dependent on the economy remaining strong.


Well Dorothy, this ain't Kansas!!!!

And the cowed media curtain that had so well protected Harper and Flaherty from any real scrutiny is finally starting to be pulled back so that crude and manipulative charade is being fully and completely exposed.

Maybe Flaherty should clarify his statement to say that Canada won't go into deficit as long as he is Finance Minister. Because once he's booted out of office, who knows what Canadians will find.

Is Sheila Fraser still around??? Or did Harper fire her too??

George Bush has an old saying from Texas, "Fool me once, shame on you . . . Fool me twice, I ain't get fooled again!!!"

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