Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Eat it Jack and Steve

Brad Lavigne and Kory Teynecke must just be livid about the fact that their bosses flip-flopping all over the place on the scary Green Party Leader. Chicken shits.

As I said 665,000 voters have something to say.


Prairie Kid said...

Flip flopping?

I am against a carbon tax . . . no I am for it.

I am against a $1200 child rebate . . . no I am for it.

I am against lowering the G.S.T. . . . no I am for it.

Need any more examples????

James Curran said...

How's that ATM platform coming?

Prairie Kid said...

I'm not sure if that comment was for me. If it was, could you please explain it? I didn't get it.

Gayle said...

I am for fixed election I am against I am FOR them if the PM happens to be liberal...

I am against taxing income I am for taxing income trusts

I am against an end date in I am for a fixed end date

A fixed end date would endanger our our troops want a fixed end date

Need I go on?

James Curran said...

Oh this list is longer than that Gayle.

I won't appoint Senators...but I'll appoint one and put him in cabinet.

And so on, and so on, and so on.

wilson said...

I am against a $1200 child rebate . . . no I am for it.

should read:
I am against a $1200, I will double the beer and popcorn cheque to $2400 per year.
(not one post on libloggers about Dion's new love for Harpers beer and popcorn chq, you guys embarrassed?)

Dion was against a carbon tax before he was for it.

Dion was against the Afghan mission extension before he was for it.

Dion was for Kyoto before he abandoned it.

James, Harper did not say he 'would not' appoint Senators, he said he would PREFER not to.

Gayle said...

Way to miss the point wilson, yet again.

See, politicians change their minds. Sometimes it is due to principle (Dion's carbon tax shift), and sometimes it is due to opportunism (fixed election date anyone?).

You guys are the ones claiming these are "flip flops". That is why it looks so much worse when you guys flip flop.