Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More Seat Takeover Predictions

Today we pick on the NDP. More specifically, three Ontario ridings.

1. Parkdale - High Park. This is a battle between Peggy Nash and Gerard Kennedy that is looking to be closer than it would have been last spring. In the final outcome, chalk up another seat to the Liberals and -1 to Jack.

2. Hamilton Mountain. Chris(tine) Charlton, - four time election loser until last election - will be up against the young, energetic upstart lawyer and long-time Liberal activist Tyler Banham. Let's just say that Mrs. Charlton will be overwhelmed by the young guy and you can add another seat to the Liberal count. That would be -2 for Jack.

3. Hamilton East Stoney Creek. Wayne Marston will be in for a rude awakening this election when he squares off against popular former Hamilton Mayor Larry DiIanni. Larry will carry this riding with a strong showing with the ethnic votes. Add yet another riding to the Liberal tally. That gives Jack -3 on the day.

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