Monday, September 8, 2008

664,068 Canadians Silenced For Good

I guess 664,068 people in this country aren't allowed a voice in a democracy. Whether Harper likes her or not, 4.5% of the voters that voted, voted for her Party. And, she does have a sitting member of Parliament.

Who cares if Jack Layton and Stephen Harper don't show up? Big babies.


Lizt. said...

Goodness ....who would they yell at Dion, and Elizabeth? The Bloc don't want her either

Frankly Canadian said...

Voice your objections with the C.R.T.C., I did and so should many others, I also included a link to a petition
and this little story a while back,
From the National Post:

"The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, for example, will receive $1.1 billion from the Tories this year, an increase of $133 million or 13.5 per cent compared to the last year under the Liberals."
Do I need to say more?

File your complaint today!

√Čric G. said...

The Green has yet to elect an MP, and has meagre support in Canada. Think about it. A party that polls an average of 4.5% in each riding is an insignificant party.

When the Greens can actually do what individual independents have done without the big budget of a pan-Canadian party, then maybe they can be at the debate.

James Curran said...

Get a life Eric. The Bloc were allowed in the debate before they even elected a single MP. and 664,068 is 664,067 more than you.

Lord of Wealth said...

I ranted, raved, posted and commented on this until about 1a.m. yet for all I can say Mark Twain said it best

" Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it." - Mark Twain.

Jason Hickman said...

The Bloc were allowed in the debate before they even elected a single MP.

Yes, and no. Technically, Duceppe himself was elected as an independent, because the BQ hadn't been formally registered by Elections Canada at that point. But - unlike Blair Wilson in BC - there was no doubt that he was going to caucus with his fellow Bloquistes, and Duceppe's constitutents knew that as soon as the BQ was registered, they would have a BQ MP.

In other words, people in his riding knew who they were electing. That's not the same thing as Wilson's situation, at all.