Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Harper a Fraud? Oh Danny Boy!

Danny Williams knows Stephen Harper. And it would be wise for Canadians to listen to him.

Some of the lowlights of Williams tirade:

Calling Prime Minister Stephen Harper a "fraud," Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams asked Canadians on Wednesday to vote against Harper in the Oct. 14 election.

Williams, who has launched an "Anything-but-Conservative" campaign to defeat Harper's MPs, warned Canadians of "dire consequences" if they give the Conservative leader a majority government.

"I beg you and plead with you today to stop and think and decide if that is what this country deserves," Williams told a group of business leaders in a nationally televised address in St. John's, N.L. "If you believe this country deserves better, then you know what to do - it's as easy as ABC."

And then this line:

"On behalf of all Newfoundland and Labrador puffins, I ask Stephen Harper to leave our provincial bird out of his nasty, disgusting, personal attack ads," Williams said as the crowd applauded.

"The people of our province don't appreciate being used by you for our votes the last time. And our birds don't particularly like being used by you either."

"In his address, Williams quoted St. John's East candidate Craig Westcott, who last year said: "Given (Harper's) handling of equalization, who can trust the prime minister anyway?"

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