Saturday, September 22, 2007

Canada is Failing in Afghanistan

We all called for the removal of Gordon O'Connor for his incredible incompetance on the Afghan detainee file(amongst a million other things he did wrong). But now Peter McKay is the new O'Connor and the Conswervative government just continues to go stale.

50 detainees appear to have gone missing. Not one or two, but, 50! Here is what one passerby on the CTV thread had to say about the story

"Let's get real here. This is just another attempt by media and those with anti-Canadian interests to undermine the fantastic work our Nation is doing in Afghanistan. Congratulations to the Taliban sympathizers!

How is what happens to prisoners that we hand over to Afghanistan Security Forces a Canadian problem? Our Charter does not extend to foreign nations."

I thought we were there to make a civil difference and restore democracy. Wouldn't protecting prisoners' rights be one of the democratic rights we must be fighting for? Just a question. And here is the response that was given to the press about the matter:"There are lots of possible explanations for how people get lost in the detention system," a Western official told the newspaper. "Some are benign, others much less so."

We're supposed to be there to make a difference. Losing prisoners, terrorists or not, is not helping to stabilize and bring peace to a country.

Perhaps Mr. Duceppe is right. Time to call Harper and his cronies on this.

And for all of you calling for the end of Mr. Dion and the death of the Liberal Party, I submit this as evidence that we are alive and well. Now let's bring on that Throne Speech.

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