Monday, September 24, 2007

Survey Says....The Conservatives Are Failing

That's no surprise to many of us. This new poll out is just proof that Canadians are paying attention. Most Canadians appear to want our Kyoto agreement to be enacted. Most also feel Harper's 2020 target is far too far away.

Thank goodness Mr. Harper is set to represent us on the world stage today. If Canadians don't believe him, I'm certain the rest of the world won't either. I'm also looking forward to the embarrassment of an Environment Minister, John Baird to speak later in the week.

Bring on the Throne Speech.


Oldschool said...

"Most Canadians appear" . . . what kind of survey was that??? Most Canadians feel . . .
Most Canucks can't even discuss Kyoto inteligently . . . and, haven't you heard, Kyoto is a dismal failure. Thanks to almost a decade of Liberal neglect nothing was done. But in reality . . . Canada only contributes 2% of the world's CO2, China's output increases by more than that every year . . . so if we just stayed home, sat in the dark for a year . . . . China would absorb any progress we made in only 52 weeks.

James Curran said...

Like you? Decade of nelect? I call bullshit!!! Kyoto wasn't even ratified until December 17, 2002. It's not even 5 years. 2 of which has been under the Conservative watch.

Canada probably has less than 2% of the crime on earth. Maybe we should forget about laws here in our country too while were at it.

Tim Webster said...

Laughing at your stupidity, Oldschool

Lets assume Canada produces 2% of the green house gases. Then you personally produce effectively nothing. You should also make sure you use your fair share of oil. You don't want someone else burning oil that you could have. In effect you want to waste energy.

You want to forget the fact that China in fact all of Asian, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan are twice as energy efficient as Canada. Greater energy efficiency means lower living cost. Which means you will personally have more money to buy things you want rather than things you must. If don't understand this simple logic, I will be glad to explain it to you.

Moving 2 tons or even 1 ton of steel around to move your fat fanny around is NOT energy efficient. And it is not healthy for you, even if you don't care about the world around you.