Friday, September 21, 2007

More By-election Bull

So Dion's getting ripped all over the media for losing not one, but three by-elections in the Province of Quebec. As if, by some miracle, the son of Quebec was supposed to have won over the hearts and minds of Quebecers in a mere 9 months without having the luxury of buying their votes a la Mr. Harper. A vaunting task for almost anyone.

With the exception of Outremont - where they elected a Liberal anyway - the other ridings weren't exactly Liberal bastiens. In fact, those ridings have long since seen better days for Liberals. Yet, if you listen to the media reports, it was the Liberals and Dion that were crushed in all three ridings.

What about the Bloc? All but left on the streets of Outremont without a pulse to speak of. How about just barely holding on to St. Hyacinthe where they enjoyed 48% support? How about losing their other fortress in Roberval to the CONS? I'd have to say that of the four major parties, the Bloc suffered perhaps the most irreparable damage.

Now let's talk about Liberal fortunes. And, fortunes they will remain. When will Dion get to have his kick at the can with the call of by-elections in Willowdale and Toronto Centre? What's the matter Mr. Harper? Too afraid that he'll stick it right back at ya?

How about Steve Owen's BC riding? Afraid to call that one as well? I guess. And Gary Merasty's Liberal riding? What about that one?

Ever the strategist, governing by the polls, Mr. Harper wouldn't dare. Smart move by him. Wouldn't want the headlines saying "Conservatives devastated in by-elections. Leadership review imminent" or "NDP fail to break through. Mulcair challenges Layton over leadership". No. He wouldn't want that.

Nor would he enjoy the likes of Bob Rae taking him to task day after day in the House. Certainly Rae would be able to silence the likes of Mulcair and Layton. Afterall, he used to know something about the NDP.

So bring it on Mr. Harper. These apparently dead and/or dying Liberals would love to take you on with our beloved Leader Mr. Dion leading us into those 4 battles. Then let's see who the REAL leader is.

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