Sunday, January 11, 2009

Israel, we support you - but hear our plea!

Here's the letter.


sassy said...

Good letter.

I think it should be posted at the top of Liblogs and, in the National Post.

Frankly Canadian said...

Good letter and I agree with everything in it, however what if the Arab states do not adhere to any cease fire agreements, what then? Humas has shown no urgency to stop the rocket attacks and Hezbula is always a threat to Isreali's, what if the damage has already been done there? I certainly have no answers to this crisis and I definately condemn the atrocites that are occuring there as well, but I am not a diplomat seeking to negotiate peace. There is a good article I read this morning with regards to the conflict at the daily star if you want to check it out: I personally think the answers are in building the Arab nations ability to police its own states, although thats just my opinion. I have been reluctant to voice my opinions on such a delicate matter but this topic brings up huge emotions.
P.S. I hope it was ok to copy that address for the article?

The Mound of Sound said...

Jim we need to realize that there's been a dark shift in Israeli attitudes toward the Gazans.

Read McGreal's article on public opinion toward the Palestinians:

Read the rabid xenophobia in the Jerusalem Post, it's almost messianic.

Nice letters like the one you've put up here seem to be roundly dismissed in Israel as so much unwanted, ungrateful, unhelpful meddling.