Sunday, January 11, 2009

So Which is it? Israel Blew up the UN Truck, or They Didn't?

This article says they did. This one says no way Jose.


Beijing York said...

I wouldn't dismiss the claim based on the second article that was pretty broad and neutral.

Christopher Gunness, a spokesman for UNRWA, said the agency had not accused Israel of deliberately targeting its personnel.

Gunness said the U.N. had based its account on reports from truck drivers at the scene, who saw an Israeli tank nearby and "were in no doubt they had been fired upon."

He urged Israel to release any photographs of the scene to "find out what happened."

And what are the chances of this event actually being investigated? Next to none is my guess. Just like any other questionable hit like the UN schools.

Anonymous said...

Logic is the best way weed out the truth here. Ask yourself, which side has more to gain and more to lose by attacking a UN truck. Do people honestly think that Israel would risk such a move when they are under such immense international pressure already? Or would it be more likely that Hamas would attack the truck, since it is an unarmed target? (like the Israeli civilians they target with their rockets)

Israel gains nothing by attacking the truck, and loses support if they take the blame. Alternately, if Hamas attack the truck, they can potentially get Israel in more trouble if they can finger Israel for the blame.

Here's a little question for you... Name the side in this conflict that has repeatedly refused to allow UN peacekeepers into Gaza as a means to try and bring an end to this conflict. If you can name the side that has rejected UN peacekeepers, then perhaps they are the ones people should be accusing of this attack.

James Curran said...

Here's some more logic for you.

This incident happened reportedly at a border crossing.

It's been proven time and time again that Hamas is not able to target their rockets (thank God for that).

So what's the odds of Hamas getting near an Israel border crossing to blow up a truck?

Anonymous said...

Hamas have been photographed with (and using) grenades, rocket launchers, shoulder mounted RPGs, and anti-tank weapons. Heck, they have been attacking Israeli tanks in Gaza with these weapons. Hamas *can* in fact aim - and all it takes is one of these to do the job we're talking about. It's easy to hit a target when you know it won't hit back - which is right up Hamas' alley.

However, we all know Hamas is just an innocent misunderstood group. It's not like they are advocatiing crucifixions of Christians right?

Oh wait...