Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bob Rae, The Adult in the Sandbox.

Here's the clip.

Today Mr. Rae shows why he is the true, legitimate, elderstatesman of the Liberal Party of Canada. NDP MP Paul Dewar also makes sense on his stance on Israel. Bob thinks Canada should be part of the group looking for a quick ceasefire. Dewar agrees that foreign media should be allowed into Gaza immediately. Why didn't I think of that? Oh. I did. Perhaps Bob Rae has his head in his ass too? I'll have to ask the war room strategist.

While I agree with the statement of the Leader of the Liberal Party about the situation in the Gaza, I feel our party should have mentioned the extreme concern over the loss of civilian death, in particular the children of Palestine. I feel we as Liberals should call for an immediate ceasefire which is needed to allow for the delivery of much needed civilian and medical supplies. I also feel a need for a call for the ban on foreign journalists entering Gaza to be lifted immediately as per the Supreme Court of Israel's own decision.

J. Curran - January 10, 2009

I'm looking forward to the new statement by the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada supporting an immediate ceasefire and expressing a "deepening concern for the loss of civilian life".


Gene said...

Kudos to Bob Rae! The Count was way off base!

P.S. You are a good human being, JC.

Cherniak_WTF said...

Perhaps Bob Rae has his head in his ass too? I'll have to ask the war room strategist.
Maybe Bob Rae did not get the memo from Warren K...

Bob Rae has much more class than Iggy The Bloody...

janfromthebruce said...

Both Bob and Paul came across as diplomats and expressing deep concern for civilian deaths. I liked that Bob supported the UN and positively mentioned it. I liked that neither Bob nor Paul tried not to score cheap political points but played on each others points.
I also noted that both Bob and Paul, when talking about Obama's visit, and trade agreements, both acknowledged our countries intergration, and Paul spoke of fair trade and Bob let it be known that we don't have free trade - those 2 statements were complimentary.
Noted that Kent talked about free trade and opening up, and thus does not acknowledge the fact that we don't have free trade.
Good tag team between Dewar and Rae, and made Kent look like the odd man out.
P.S. glad Rae didn't get Warren K's memo, or perhaps it went to the junk folder.