Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cherniak's MP Shutout Completely...Along with Many Others

I guess the OLO got the hint that some former liberal activists would like to know who the new lineup is.

Some notables have been totally shunned by the OLO. Cherniak's MP Bryon Wilfert goes from the main spokeshead to not even having a critic position. Ken Dryden, the sober thinker in the party, has been deleted completely from the critic spots. Ignatieff stallwort Albina Guarnieri, a former minister of Veterans Affairs also got squat. Naturally nothing for Dion. And, what would be the need to have someone like Ujjal Dosanjh in a leading role anywhere? Trudeau? Too green I guess. Paul Szabo? Nada.
At least McGuinty got environment - as I thought he would.

Seriously. No Dryden?

So, here's the list:

Liberal Opposition Critics

Michael Ignatieff - Intergovernmental Affairs
John McCallum - Finance
Bob Rae - Foreign Affairs
Denis Coderre - Defence and Quebec Lieutenant
David McGuinty - Environment & Energy
Carolyn Bennett - Health
Marc Garneau - Industry, Science & Technology
Mark Holland - Public Safety & National Security
Geoff Regan - Natural Resources
Dominic LeBlanc - Justice and Attorney-General
Scott Brison - International Trade
Martha Hall Findlay - Public Works and Government Services
Todd Russell - Indian Affairs
Larry Bagnell - Arctic Issues & Northern Development
Joe Volpe - Transport
Gerard Kennedy - Infrastructure, Communities and Cities
Maurizio Bevilacqua - Citizenship & Immigration
Judy Sgro - Veterans Affairs, Seniors & Pensions
Yasmin Ratansi - National Revenue
Gerry Byrne - Fisheries & Oceans
Jean-Claude D'Amours - Atlantic Gateway and Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency
Pablo Rodriguez - Canadian Heritage & Official Languages
Maria Minna - Labour
Dan McTeague - Treasury Board, Consumer Affairs and Consular Affairs
Mike Savage - Human Resources & Skills Development
Anita Neville - Status of Women
Wayne Easter - Agriculture, Agri-food and Canadian Wheat Board
Sukh Dhaliwal - Asia-Pacific Gateway & Western Economic Development
Ruby Dhalla - Youth & Multiculturalism
Keith Martin - Amateur Sport, Health Promotion and the Vancouver Olympics
Alexandra Mendes - Economic Development Agency for Regions of Quebec
Glen Pearson - International Cooperation
Raymonde Folco - La Francophonie


Steve V said...

"In this capacity, Ken Dryden will take on the new role of National Outreach Advisor, Working Families & Poverty, reflecting his long-standing commitments to these issues, and will also act as Special Liaison, National Fundraising."

And, you left out Kennedy's key critic role.

James, if your looking, you'll always find something, but really it's more reaching, than factual.

As for Dion, I suspect this was his decision, no way he's left out if he wanted a formal critic role.

Don't Tase Me, Bro! said...

Funny, I'm watching an interview involving Scott Brison, and it sounds like he's talking like he's still the Finance Critic. Guess he didn't get the memo.

And by the way, what's with this online revolt by Liberal bloggers leaving Liblogs? I've been out of the loop for awhile.

Mike said...

There's also only 9 women in this line-up which as a proportion is no better than Harper for his cabinet. I hope if Ignatieff becomes PM he does commit to uphold Dion's commitment of having the real cabinet be 50% women. We shouldn't be taking steps backward on this. Joyce Murray, Hedy Fry, Kirsty Duncan, Albina Guarnieri, Siobhan Coady and Judy Foote all were qualified to be in this line-up and were shafted even though tehy had positions before.

James Curran said...

Un-f@cking believable. They just added that to their statement now Steve V. It was not in the original release. That list also now includes Dryden at the very bottom on the Liberal website. It wasn't my oversight. Steve. It simply was not there at all. That is why it is now the last paragraph in the release.

Steve V said...


I didn't see it at first either, but I just wanted to point out that he wasn't slighted. When I saw the initial critics, I knew something was up with Dryden, no way he doesn't get a slot. He should do well in this capacity, it's his passion.

And, I only pointed to Kennedy, because if anyone was going to get slighted, it was probably going to be the guy who went to Rae, at the eleventh hour. I'm pleased to see Ignatieff included Kennedy, with a key role, because it speaks to unity.


Beijing York said...

Making room for the coronation of Iggy sure has its perks:

Dominic LeBlanc - Justice and Attorney-General

No Hedy Fry or Ralph Goodale?

James Curran said...

Agreed. Kennedy was a must. My outrage was ligit with Ken missing. The guy is the soul of deep thinking.

knb said...

Goodale is House Leader.

Steve V said...

Umm, York, LeBlanc held the same portfolio under Dion.

And, government house leader isn't exactly a bad gig for Goodale.

James, if Dryden was left out in the cold, I'd agree.

Steve V said...

My bad on "government house leader", I was guilty of foreshadowing ;)

James Curran said...

Marlene is Deputy House and Roger Cuzner is whip

MississaugaPeter said...

James, it is time for you to join me on the back of the Michael bandwagon.

I have been sitting on the sidelines waiting for Michael to start making changes. I have to admit I am impressed with Michel's decision making today.

Gerard, while working his butt off in Industry, and losing it, is far better a choice and more in his element as Infrastructure, Communities and Cities critic. He should make mincemeat of former Queen's Park adversary, Infrastructure Minister John Baird.

Biggest surprise is to see Navdeep out. I would have kept Navdeep in International Trade and given Scott Intergovernmental Affairs. Otherwise, very well done Michael.

James, it is time for you to join me on the back of the Michael bandwagon.

James Curran said...

I have my own special red wagon.

Sinestra said...

Why would anyone jump on a bandwagon? Some of these choices were good and others just bizarre.

MississaugaPeter said...

Because it is the right thing to do at this juncture in Canadian politics.

Like James rightly expected everyone to work with Stephane, it is right now for all of us to embrace Michael.

That does not require us to become blind or to become a zombie, nor does it require to go under the sheets with Michael. What it does require, as the cliche states: stay focused on the real enemy.

Anonymous said...

Like James rightly expected everyone to work with Stephane, it is right now for all of us to embrace Michael.
Iggy can embrace my big red one......

Support will have to be earned. There is no real "enemy"; politics to not have to be be divisive.

RuralSandi said...

Only 77 MP's - a little hard to give them all a position. I was told that Dion was offered something and turned it down - I don't know what, etc.

You know what - no matter who is chosen - someone will be unhappy.

I'm glad Rae is still Foreign Affairs critic - he'll put the Tories lack of experience, knowledge and guts to stand up to Harper to shame.

I'm thinking - apparently, Rae is a terrific if the Liberals were the government, just think what he could do in negotiating peace, etc. I'm thinking - Pearson had that same ability - who knows what may happen. Maybe even - Rae's claim to fame is coming. Just thinking.....

bigcitylib said...

What is Volpe doing on this list?

James Curran said...

Come on BCL. He's more deserving than say...Wilfert...or, Szabo. You know. Szabo who ran the in-and-out committee thingy on behalf of the entire Liberal Party and backed Ignatieff both leadership times.

Perhaps a call to the OLO for clarification is in order.

WesternGrit said...

I really feel that some were left out because of "other work" that needs to be done:

Szabo: He needs to continue being the "scandal seeker" - He did an awesome job at this, and blocking up his time with a "critic" portfolio would be a waste of his talents.

Dosanjh: Needs to focus on his own riding, first, then spearhead a Greater Vancouver resurgence. We lost ground in Metro Van last election, and we shouldn't have. The people out here are among the most "liberal" in all of Canada. We need people like Dosanjh, and our other MP who almost lost her seat to focus on very local matters first. Dhaliwal is a good choice from Metro Van because he handily won his seat, and he could afford to spend some time working on some portfolios...

Just my thoughts - knowing some of these players personally (and their ridings).

knb said...

I think you make some good points WG.

Bains for example is co-chair of the renewal committee. I expect there is enough work there to keep him pretty busy and there is no doubt he's well suited.

WesternGrit said...

Isn't it NICE to have such an embarrassment of riches, that we're all wondering "what about this person or that one?" in regards to these posts?

Over in Harper-land, they can't find anyone talented enough to fill posts. The put someone in a role, and the world collectively says "who"? They have such a dearth of talent, and we, such a "dream team".

I think it's fair to say, we have one heck of a group ready to slam Harper back down to 90 seat (-) territory.

James Curran said...

Well it is coincidence that Ujjal and Hedy both supported Rae. There is also a thought that nobody over 60 is going to be in the shadow cabinet. With the exception of Bob and Michael and maybe one other.

The Liberal Bag said...

I'm not at all suprised to see Szabo not included in shadow cab. With Tom Wapell retiring, Szabo can be fairly uncontroversially described as THE most socially conservative member of the caucus, and while he is a hard working MP, having an outspokenly anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage MP in the spotlight wouldn't help much in terms of renewal.

James Curran said...

Also, WG, Keith Martin barely won his seat, so some of your logic diappears there. He did support Michael though.