Thursday, January 22, 2009

Caroline Kennedy and Andrew Cuomo are Cousins

I bet most of you didn't know that!

There was much lament yesterday over Caroline Kennedy backing out of the race to fill Hillary Clinton's Senate seat. Heck, David Paterson himself asked Kennedy to reconsider the decision.

The move by Kennedy clearly puts the new frontrunner as New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. You all remember Andrew's dad Mario right? The former New York Governor? Well, what you don't know is that young Andrew's ex-wife was none other than Caroline Kennedy's first cousin Kerry Kennedy, daughter of Bobby. Bobby held the same Senate seat Andrew is hoping to snag.

As for Andrew's relationship with the Clinton's? He was housing secretary under Bill Clinton when Bill was president. His wife Kerry, with her brother Bobby Jr. and sister Kathleen, endorsed Hillary as the presidential candidate.

It's an incestuous little group isn't it?


Anonymous said...

You could always add Kenneth Cole to the mix of progressives.... He's married to Maria Cuomo...

Bruce said...

Unfortunately, Kerry Kennedy was divorced from Mr Cuomo in a nasty public dispute in 2003. She supported her cousin for the position but she admitted being a bit embarrassed about that since her children are Cuomoes.