Thursday, January 22, 2009

First it was "The" Green Shift, now It's "En Famille"

Some of you remember a little controversy over the naming of the Liberal environmental platform. Now the genius that prevails in our party has chosen a new name for its so-called renewal process (something we apparently already did in 2006). "En Famille". Better than Tous Ensemble I guess. Unless of course you have an infant child. Than, naturally, you would laugh at how eerily similar the new name of this - yet another - renewal group is to a famous baby food product.

Ironic I suppose because some of us have a tendency to believe that those choosing the members of these change and renewal committees are kind of acting like infants with their blatant disregard for a more balanced selection of members and a great, great failure to engage the youth of the party in the process.

Quixotique and John Lennard wrote about this yesterday to some degree, and they both bring up very important thoughts on the matter. In my humble opinion both posts are must reads. In fact, John takes it a step further and asks all of you to write various people to express your opinions. Both authors are big time Liberal activists and one is running to be youth president. So, when they write...I read.

Another anxious Liberal writes a blurb today. Strong-worded at that.

Personally, I feel there is more than one or two people on the committees that are part of the problem that exists in the party. Two that I can think of took various opportunities, when given the chance, to undermine our previous leader, from within and without. So, I'm baffled as to how I can even begin to think that this is a serious discussion with the grassroots of the party about renewal or change.

There are far too many grassroots Liberals and youth representatives missing in these committees. Not to mention gross neglect of certain regions across the country. John addresses that in his post.

Anyway, that's the opinion of this so-called former Liberal activist. What do I know?


Andrew P. said...

Maybe the grassroots groups and the YLC should join toegther and have their own Change committee. Perhaps with regional meetings at the same time and in the same regions as the official one's to help show their discontent with the process

James Curran said...

Absolutely. And what prominent Liberal do you suggest would go out on a limb to do such a thing? And how do we establish a fund for it?

deBeauxOs said...

"en famille" is also a synonym in French for pregnant. It's a rather odd choice.

James Curran said...

Ding. Ding. Ding.

And I do believe that is how MeadJohnson came up with the name.

Some would agrue the party is just for fat cat though.

Andrew P. said...

admittedly there issues to the suggestion I came up with off the top of my head. Finding funding would be a problem, and while no prominent Liberal would be willing to lead it, I'm sure there is a Liberal waiting int he wings who would be willing to take this on to make a name for themselves

James Curran said...

I might know a few people....or a hundred or so.

Mike said...

Jim what's your view on the new critic line-up? This is at:

I'd say it's 95% good, but Coderre moving back to defence and being Quebec lieutenant while Dryden, Dosanjsh and Fry are all dropped entirely does seem quite bizarre and owing of some explanation. It's also too bad there's no Dion but I'm guess that was Stephane's personal choice.

James Curran said...

Already on it Mike. See my most recent post.