Friday, November 14, 2008

The What Do I Know Grit Set to Announce

I will be calling a press conference to announce my choice for leadership candidate shortly. I am aware some of my friends have been eager to get going on this. I'll at least wait until the three of the leadership candidates debate on Sunday afternoon.

Some would argue this is the biggest decision that the members (not the brass) of this party have yet to face. I would say that the brass has rammed two choices down our throats whether we like it or not. So you are stuck with one of two choices - a sixty something white guy from Toronto or a sixty something white guy from Toronto.

I'm leaning toward a sixty something white guy from Toronto.


MississaugaPeter said...


Why is it necessary to announce?

It would be better that you do not declare and stay neutral. Declaring will end up with you expending energy defending your choice.

Would it not be better to expend that energy working at the grassroots level to build Liberalism in the remaining 231?

Or is this post the start of your pole dance?

RuralSandi said...

News conference? Are you kidding?

Aurelia said...

Yeah, I'd love to go to the debate and at least see them, but they are scheduled at the same time as the Santa Claus Parade and I already promised I'd take my kids.

It's unfortunate, because the entire demographic the Liberals need to win, women with kids 25-45 is likely to be at the parade with me, and not watching some old white guys from Toronto.

Matt Guerin said...

Hey James -- When is the debate on Sunday and any idea if it's going to be televised?