Thursday, November 13, 2008

Comments Are Back On

And not one single negative one at that. I'd like to welcome my friend back to the party and wish him the best.


roblaw said...

James.. while I've given props to W.K. for turning back on his comments, as a Conservative who recommends three Liberal blogs for a read - being W.K., Daveberta and yours.. I have to say yours is superior to that of W.K..

While he has a certain inside info, which has value, his willingness to resort to slurs to make his point (mouthbreathing conservatives?) make his blog less compelling and often sort of juvenile..

It would be great if bloggers in general (the blue and the red) could raise the level of debate so that we challenge ideas to make us all a little smarter, as opposed to just throwing mud around to no positive purpose.

Keep up the good work (though I'm not convinced Iggy or Rae are the men to truly transform the Liberal party).

James Curran said...

We're stuck with those two choices Rob. I appreciate your link to this blog.

I comment on smart Conservative blogs here and there. They appreciate the odd insight into the Liberal Party. There are coolaid drinkers everywhere. Ya just have to be able to deal with them. Sad but true.

Eugene Forsey Liberal said...

Actually, I wrote a critical comment that Kinsella blocked. No foul language was used, nor slander, I guess he just didn't want anyone to point out that he's now justifying every single policy he once claimed to passionately oppose, he's distorting the record when he claims Iggy revised his Iraq position in 2004 - that only came in an incoherent piece in NYT Magazine in late 2007 - and that these changes may be explained that as an entrepreneur he's understandably looking to get some business, and Iggy is the best bet (I remember how disappointed he was when Dion didn't throw anything his way)...just as he once claimed the Post was an honest paper - while he was being paid as one of their columnists. Oh, and I quoted Iggy's "misplaced specificity". That seems to really bug his supporters. Wonder why...couldn't be that it sums up the man in two words, could it?

Bill Templeman said...

Eugene, I had the same experience as you did with Warren Kinsella's Comments. He blocked a comment of mine that was critical of Ignatieff and supportive of Rae. I didn't slander or libel anyone, I just disagreed with WK. Which is fair game; it's his sandbox. My point is that Iggy's apologizing over his support of the Iraq invasion does not put the matter to rest. This isn't like belching during a formal dinner then turning to your hosts and saying "Ooopppss". His error in judgment should make us all cautious. For me Bob Rae has a compassionate side which makes him more accessible to the non-Harvard educated among the electorate. We are electing a leader here, not a media star.

Bill Templeman