Friday, November 28, 2008

Ignatieff Camp Sinks to New Low

Absolutely mind-boggling.

Our party is in a crisis. The parliament is in a crisis. The country is in a crisis.

And what does team Ignatieff do? Why they use political opportunism to try and raise money for their candidate so he can "Save Canada's Democracy".

Michael Ignatieff, who is not the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, is going to "Save Canada's Democracy" with your donation to his leadership campaign? Incredible.

From: xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
Date: November 27, 2008 4:48:04 PM PST (CA)Subject: Save Canada's Democracy - Sauver la démocratie canadienneUne version en français suit.

Stephen Harper is trying to undermine Canada's fair and open political system. Take Action Now!

Donate to Michael Ignatieff's campaign.
As you may have heard, Stephen Harper's Conservative government has proposed that all public funding of political parties be stopped. This is just a cynical attempt to use the economic crisis -- a crisis that Stephen Harper has grossly mismanaged -- to undermine the democratic underpinnings of

Canada's fair and open political system.
If Stephen Harper succeeds it will cost the Liberal Party over $7,700,000 per year!

With your help, we can raise money to fight Stephen Harper and his undemocratic plans. That is why, today, I am asking you to make a small donation to the Michael Ignatieff Campaign. Please click here to donate $10, $20 or more, every dollar helps. Please donate today so that we can fight for fair political financing rules.

If you are able to make a longer-term commitment, then please join the Liberal Party Victory Fund. The Victory Fund strengthens both our Party and our riding associations, building our strength at both a national and grassroots level. If you join the Victory Fund right now, you will automatically contribute $25 to Michael's campaign. Please click here to join the Victory Fund.

Michael Ignatieff can only succeed with your support. Canada's fair and open democratic system is worth fighting for.

Yours truly,

xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
National Campaign Director


Sauver la démocratie canadienne
Stephen Harper tente d'affaiblir les fondements du système politique canadien. Agissez dès maintenant.

Contribuez à la campagne de Michael Ignatieff
Vous êtes peut-être au courant que les Conservateurs de Stephen Harper ont proposé de couper tout financement public aux partis politiques. C'est une tentative cynique d'utiliser la crise économique actuelle -- une crise que Stephen Harper a géré de façon terrible -- pour affaiblir les fondements de justice et d'ouverture du système politique canadien.

Si le parti de Stephen Harper réussit, cela coûtera au Parti libéral plus de 7 700 000$ par année !

Avec votre aide, nous pouvons lever des fonds pour combattre Stephen Harper et son plan anti-démocratique. C'est pourquoi je vous demande aujourd'hui de faire un don à la campagne de Michael Ignatieff. En cliquant ici, vous pouvez donner 10$, 20$ ou plus – chaque dollar fait une différence. S.V.P. contribuez aujourd'hui afin que nous puissions nous battre pour des règles de financement justes.

Si vous avez la possibilité de prendre un engagement à plus long terme, nous vous demandons de joindre le Fonds de la victoire du Parti libéral. Le Fonds de la victoire aide notre parti et nos associations de comté, nous renforçant aux niveaux nationaux et locaux. Si vous vous joignez au Fonds de la victoire maintenant, vous contribuez automatiquement 25$ à la campagne de Michael. Cliquez ici pour vous joindre au Fonds de la victoire.

Michael Ignatieff ne peut être élu sans votre soutien. Un système démocratique juste et ouvert vaut la peine vaut la peine d'être défendu.


xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
Directeur de campagne national


Woman at Mile 0 said...

While perhaps something could be said by some about the timing of this 1st message I received from the Ignatieff camp asking for funds...I seem to recall Obama doing the same thing. He used every thing the Republican government did (mismanagement of just about everything) against them to raise money at every opportunity. And he just kept winning...

James Curran said...

Let me repeat this. WE HAVE NO OBAMA.

Anonymous said...

So you're upset he's raising money? I hope the next Liberal leader is quite keen on the idea so conservative monkey business like today can die a quick and decisive death.

You really should have a better argument than "How dare he raise money for his campaign!" It doesn't hold up to much scrutiny.

Better Days said...

James, I’m pretty sure that everyone is well aware that Barack Obama is an American and that we do not have his clone working here in Canada. Yes, you’re right, WE HAVE NO OBAMA. That being said I’m not entirely sure why you felt the need to repeat it, in caps no less.

Woman at mile 0 drew an apt comparison between the strategy used by the Obama fundraising machine and the strategy that Ignatieff is apparently trying. No suggestion was made that Ignatieff was trying to BE Obama. Barack Obama built an incredible fundraising machine and used it to secure his place in the white house. As Liberals, we would be negligent if we ignored the valuable lessons that we can take away from Obama’s example.

James Bowie said...

The new low is trying to raise money for one's leadership campaign? Try again.

The party is in crisis. Our very future is in jeopardy because of our grave financial woes, and your response is to attack Ignatieff?

Get on board the Liberal train Jim. Harper is the enemy.

Don't Tase Me, Bro! said...

I'd have to agree with Jim somewhat on this. Ignatieff on Mike Duffy Live yesterday looked and sounded somewhat opportunistic and even partisan even when he was discussing how there should be bipartisanship. He was saying let's work together and at the same time lambasting Harper/Flaherty for playing politics with the economy. Seems somewhat contradictory to me.

Also, I got that same fundraising letter from Steve MacKinnon, one of the last few people I'd like to get email from.

Francesco said...


If you have not figured it out -this party needs to raise money.

there is nothing wrong with this e-mail, at least one of the candidates understands the need to raise money for the party!!!

RuralSandi said...

Oh for heavens sake. Sure we don't have an Obama, but his ability to raise funds is something to look at.

Geez, have you ever looked at some of the letters the CPC send out? They're rolling in money.

Andrew P. said...

If Ignatieff were concerned about raising money for the party, he would have sent out an email saying some like "this isn't the time for partisan leadership politics, this is a time to support the party as a whole." But he didn't, he sent this out, which to me, speaks a lot about his priorities, Iggy first, party second, and that the wrong order IMO.

Francesco said...

Andrew P.

Actually in Iggy's email he asks every email to join the Victory Fund ..which allows liberals to donate to the party and the a riding association of their choice.


Francesco said...

"every liberal"

James Curran said...

Ding, ding, ding.

We have a winner Johnny. Way to go Andrew P. You win the door prize.

As for the same old same old Iggy your eyes man.

"Saving Our Democracy" equals donating to Michael's leadership campaign? Paaaaaaawlease.

Jason Cherniak said...

Jim, this is exactly the sort of issue based fundraising that we need for the Liberal Party. I'm sure that if Bob's team had thought of it first, your tune would be much different.

On another note, don't you think you should focus your aim against Harper at this time?

James Curran said...

Actually Frankie,

The victory fund is an afterthought in this letter.

Again, the only way to save us from the Conservatives is to donate to Michael.

And, Bowie, you of all people should know by now that the Liberal train takes a large part of my life up.

Undermining the Party and its current leader for self-interest in a leadership race is not very "Liberal trainish" to me.

So will Michael support a coalition government led by Stephane Dion then?

James Curran said...


Had this been a Liberal Party fundraising letter, would I be blogging about it? NO.

This is a letter that states the only way to oppose Harper is to support Michael financially for leadership.

So, Jason, you being Dion's biggest blogging fan, are you going to stand behind Stephane Dion as leader of a coalition government or as our leader in the event of a snap election? I know I am.

Francesco said...


young man...James I wonder why the overwhelming majority of the caucus support mr ignatieff, i wonder why when canvassing on doors liberal after liberal wanted mr ignatieff as leader of the party, i wonder why mr ignatieff gains massive support from past mp's, i wonder why he can raise money and is popular across canada....hmmm i wonder seem to attack him at every point ...why? you supported dion last time you want him again as liberal leader? i really think you have sour grapes the nth degree.....sorry but have to be honest...

also i like mr rae...i think he has gotten a bum rap during his tenure as premier - he tried to change course when he realized that the policies were not the right ones -that is admirable .

thus, jamie ...out all do respect please aim your guns to mr harper - he is our opponent ..


RuralSandi said...

Hello! This is a leadership race and a candidate needs to raise money.

You keep whining about how much time you spend on the Liberals - it's your choice to do so.

Andrew P. said...

more of my thoughts on the subject

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Ted said...

Seems you are on the outside of this issue, Jim. Even Dan (CalgaryGrit and Kennedy/LeBlanc organizer) is giving Michael kudos for leading the way on this.

Really, this is the kind of thing we have to do if we are going to fight back against Deceivin' Stephen's use of government for petty partisanship that is not in the interest of Canadians. We have to take the fight to Harper and show we are willing to go for his jugular. No letting him off the hook for the deficit he is creating or his fiscal mismanagement. No letting him off the hook for tampering with our democratic rules in a time of economic crisis. No letting him off the hook period. No sitting back and letting the cards fall where they may but leadership in raising money for the party and, by example, for your leadership campaign.

Donate to the Liberals. Donate to a candidate (10% goes to the party). Get involved. Everyone. Now.

Leny Vilekoskytch said...

Two things:

1. Politician fundraises, footage at 11:00. This is what they do, or at least what they are supposed to do.

2. Fundraising is the worst thing that the Ignatieff campaign has done so far? These are some upstanding, pillar of the community type folks.

roblaw said...

..slightly uninvolved Tory says.. uh, the venom between the Rae and Iggy camps might be.. uh.. self-defeating?

I mean.. what the hell's going to happen if the Libs force an election on the recent budget cuts? Rocks, paper, scissors for leadership?

James Curran said...

We have a leader Rob. A duly elected leader. His name is stephane Dion.

And when he called Harper a liar, he meant it. Now Canadians know how right he really was.

roblaw said...

..James.. see my blog.. I'm not even arguing with you. But.. it seems to me, that we don't have anyone right now who is concerned about "Canadians".. including the ruling party.

roblaw said...

..oh, and see the CP article today..

"The Liberals are taking the prospect of a coalition so seriously that some MPs are privately discussing ways to dump Stephane Dion as leader without waiting for their party's scheduled May 2 leadership vote.

But party insiders say that with Dion as a lame duck, supporters of leadership front-runners Michael Ignatieff and Bob Rae say the question of who would be prime minister in a coalition has become the hot issue."

Its all bad. Cons, Libs, Dips.. nothing good to say for any of them today.

Yappa said...

I almost posted on that email too. Crass, egad. Then I thought: the best thing about Ignatieff is he's scrappy, a fighter, cynical, and willing to do what he needs to win. I don't really want to criticize that, even though I think Bob Rae is a far better candidate for leader and PM.

Sinestra said...

I was also pretty disgusted when I received this email last night.Contrary to what the Iggy apologists on this blog are saying it's not innovative or timely - it reeks of opportunism. No offense, Iggybots, but your team is continuing the traditional of running a low class campaign. Seems you might have learned your lesson.

red and proud said...

In contrast to the crass political opportunism of the fundraising email of the Ignatieff campaign I received the following today from Doug Ferguson, President of the Liberal Party of Canada:

"n times of turmoil, Canadians expect their political representatives to set aside partisan difference, roll up their sleeves and get to work protecting their jobs, savings and pensions.

Yesterday’s economic update is a betrayal of that basic principle. Not only have the Conservatives failed to offer any stimulus for the Canadian economy, they have introduced a proposal expressly designed to silence the opposition by eliminating public funding for political parties.

Stephen Harper and Jim Flaherty know this proposal is controversial. In fact, they are counting on it to distract you. Together, let’s keep them accountable.

The simple fact is that the Conservatives messed up. In less than three years, they have frittered away a $13 billion surplus and $3 billion contingency fund and are predicting a $6 billion deficit.

But once again, Stephen Harper has put partisan interests ahead of the national interest. At a time when Canadians are looking for a sense of hope, Harper’s Conservatives are looking for political gain.

You deserve better. Canada deserves better.

We need your help now. The Liberal opposition is committed to a fiscal stimulus program that will restore the health of the Canadian economy. The Conservatives insist on playing politics while the economy spirals downward. Please make a donation right now and help make sure we have the resources to hold them to account on your behalf and on behalf of all Canadians.

Thank you"

roblaw said...

R&P.. to shorten and paraphrase.."Canada is in trouble. Send me money. I'll make it all better. I have no plan, just trust me."

Eugene Forsey Liberal said...

It's just sad, is what it is. Maybe the culture of the party has been so corrupted by the Chrétien-Martin years that all these Iggy people can't even tell what crosses the line anymore. Raise funds for the party? All in favour. Use crisis to raise funds for a leadership campaign that may soon be over, if we have any wisdom left (as the race will be null & void with Dion as PM)? Low low low.

Sad to see onetime apparently fervent Dionistas like Cherniak now happy to throw the man under a bus to get Iggy in power. Sad to see how little loyalty to democratically elected leaders the party retains.

All the more reason for Dion to be our PM until next election. We chose him to get away from all these dirty old politics. Who better to clean out the stables? Maybe unfair for him to have to the dirty work, yet again, but he's the man. Who else you gonna trust to play fair?

daveberta said...

It's a political campaign, and money is a general ingredient to financing a political campaign.

I'm actually surprised the LPC didn't send something like this out before Ignatieff's team did. Ignatieff's team is clearly on a better kind of ball then the LPC central command at this point.

S.K. said...

The thing I love most about the Ignatieff team is their total lack of subtlety, and their complete transparency. It makes it very easy for experienced political tacticians to work around them.