Saturday, November 29, 2008

New Leadership Poll

Donate to Stephane Dion now. Donate to Bob Rae today. Donate to Dominic Leblanc just cause. Oh, and while you're at it, maybe donate to the Liberal Party.


Steve V said...

James, as a former ally, I respectfully suggest we end the crusade and think with our heads. Dion is dead.

penlan said...

I'd donate if I could but cannot. Sooo I'm applying my energy & passion by writing MP's, doing commentaries at online print media, etc. totally in support of a coalition!

Hope you can respond to my email sometime, if you aren't way too busy. ;)

RuralSandi said...

Penlan - you know that $1.95 of your taxpayer dollars? Well, it's a good way for those who can't afford to donate to the party of their choice.

Jim, I know it's just a little oversight on your part - you mentioned Dion, Rae and LeBlanc and forgot Ignatieff.

Not nice and far too partisan.

Francesco said...

why didn't you mention Ignatieff??? dude you scare me much do you hate ignatieff and his supporters? are you so partisan that you fail to see the forest from the trees....i really don't get how you can be so crass and really you are doing no favors to your candidate(s) that you support....dion may be p.m. in this coalition with the ndp but it will not last long and a general election will be held that has either iggy or maybe rae at the helm....i dislike stephan harper with a passion and he is cold calculating man...but i don't hate him my friend "hate" ignatieff to the point that you are injuring your cause...the recent events only confirm that mr harper wants to put a knife into the liberal party but instead of uniting behind the liberals you mr curran go off on your horse and a small it is...

James Curran said...

Far too partisan? WTF was this:
Where is Dion, Rae and Leblanc on that email? I'm Partisan? I hate Michael? F#cking hilarious. Hilarious.

Go back into blog wilderness Francesco where you have been for the past two years.

WILL MR. IGNATIEFF and his supporters support our RIGHTFUL, duly elected leader to lead a coalition? YES OR NO?

Let's start with you and Sandi. Support for our duly elected leader? Yes or no?

Francesco said...

hmmm...did i touch a raw nerve this morning...

mr dion is our leader until the leadership convention..and if he is the one to lead the coalition that is fine..but that doesn't mean he is the mandate to put in the greenshift..we can be seen as arragant or overplaying our cards...if you read this morning every editorial writer is lined up against harper and the tories ..that is the way we should keep it..

also as for replacing dion now instead of later..if need be and it is a power on the liberal constitution so be it...i don't think it is necessary...

as for iggy's request dollars...we liberals need to get on that fundraising thing now don't that not what hobbled dion at his support of his term

Leny Vilekoskytch said...

I don't think the emphasis needs to be on "or" in that "YES OR NO" bit. It's the two options and not the conjunction that you should be shouting.

I support Ignatieff (in as much as I've donated money to him, once when he announced and again after I got that email you got a bit testy about) and I have no problem with Dion leading the coalition. That said, I still believe the leadership race should continue on schedule.

That's your question answered. Here's mine. What action by Ignatieff or his supporters has you so willing to drill a hole in the bottom of the boat before you see someone else at the helm?

James Curran said...

I agree we need to raise money...and I've done more than my share of it for the Liberal Party, Stephane Dion, and yes, Michael Ignatieff. Michael's appeal yesterday offended me because it was bad timing on a day where leadership should have been put aside.

As for the bottom of the boat thing?

I was one of 14 people in a restaurant in February 2006 when Michael was unofficially launching his campaign. So, yes, I like Mike.

Some of his allies continued a ridiculous campaign after leadership, evidenced by his frontrunner status - yes, you know who you are.

I didn't agree with that and considered it "Unliberal" and disloyal and I'm sorry, but I am not very forgiving because of it.

Policy wise, the Green Shift was brutal. But, it was part of MI's Nation Building platform in 2006. So, um, I think the Conservatives will eploit that.

Francesco said...

oh forgot to add ..james thanks to your anti-iggy posts...i donated a few (hundred) bucks to iggy's campaign this morning......keep up the good work..i am sure others have done the same :-)

James Curran said...

You're really boring me. I gave to MI long before you even thought about supporting him. While you're at it become a Laurier member like the rest of us...or are you only a liberal if Iggy's in the race!

Gayle said...

"...but that doesn't mean he is the mandate to put in the greenshift..."

What makes you think he is going to do that?

RuralSandi said...

With all due respect, our now resigned and now interim duly elected leader was not duly elected by Canadians in the last election and that's a fact we have to face. I like Dion as a person with principals, etc., but he just doesn't cut it.

Jim - I don't need to have you instruct me to donate, thank you very much.

I always have, without your orders and demands.

You're sound so, so angry all the time and combative. It's turn off.

Sinestra said...


I have to wonder why Francesco and Sandi keep coming here if they think you're so terrible. Very cute that they're wondering why you left the opportunist off your funding call.

James Curran said...

I don't recall telling you to do anything Sandi...unless you and Frankie are one oin the same.

Stephane IS our leader, elected by our party. And, because of your guy and his caucus supporters, he is the only guy other than Blake not to be allowed to run a second time.

RuralSandi said...

Sinestra - I wonder why you can't stand it that someone supports someone you don't support.

No, I'm not Francesco.

Dion is a good guy and I didn't support him in the last leadership race, but when he did win I supported him spiritually and financially for the Party's sake - but he just doesn't have it and you can't change that.

Sinestra said...

Who says I can't stand it? I've been dealing with you Iggybots for a long time now and I loathe the tactics, but I would never suggest a Liberal hasn't the right to support the candidate of his or her choice. What I find amusing is that you're all over here ragging on JIM. Seems maybe like you can't stand the fact he's called your guy (and you guys) out on a low-brow campaign. Support who want. Iggy will lose again. Regardless of whether the Iggy high command has muzzled Cherniak and ordered their bloggers to disallow unfriendly-to-Iggy comments.

James Curran said...

Just doesn't have it? Now you've reeeeeeally hit a nerve!

While your candidate was jet-setting around the world talking about war and torture with no regard whatsoever for the true north strong and free, Dion was here at home enduring death theats and scathing character assassinations from separatists to keep our country together. That's a guy with passion for Canada!

And he doesn't have it? Give YOUR head a shake.

Leny Vilekoskytch said...

Fundraising (despite the name) isn't fun. You go cap in hand and ask people to give you money. It's panhandling in a nicer forum and I'm not telling anyone here anything they don't already know.

You didn't like the tone and timing of Ignatieff's e-mail. Fair enough. I can't speak for him or his campaign, but the party and the candidates need more fundraising activities that follow slights, real or perceived, gaffs or bad policy. The party should have been out on this right after Flaherty made his announcement. That should have followed a drive that started when he said "technical recession". But again, the email was a point on which reasonable people might disagree.

As for the boat, the whisper campaign for Ignatieff wasn't the only one going on last year and they were all far more driven by supporters engaging in some bizarre Sovietology-type reading of signals (some of which were imagined) than by any candidates' express authorization. After this is over and Ignatieff was won, or not won, the party has to come back together. That is more easily done if the rhetoric doesn't get too heated.

Eugene Forsey Liberal said...

It shouldn't even be a question. It's not hard to understand why we have a lost a couple of elections, sometimes. Harper's week gambit is aimed at getting the Dion-subverting Iggyphiles inside & outside caucus to stir up trouble at the thought their guy might not become PM. He's betting Liberals can't keep it together for a whole week. I really hope not, but what are the odds he's right?

Mala Fides said...


You have gone too far this time!!

Your omission of Paul Martin from your Leadership Poll is intolerable!!

How dare you slight this great man!!

Now I will have to donate to the Michael Ignatieff leadership campaign just to sooth my rage.

sharonapple88 said...

If the argument is going to be made that Dion wasn't elected by the public and therefore shouldn't stand as leader in this interim government, the same is true for anyone the party appoints or anyone the Liberals elect in the next leadership race. What's the damn rush to get Dion out the door?

Francesco said...


This will be my last post on your blog ....firstly, to answer your question i have been a liberal party member since i was 14 or so...actually i was a big supporter of chretian and always will thus that makes a god 25 year committment to the THE FEDERAL LIBERAL PARTY OF CANADA..., secondly i have been a laurier member for several years and attend their events...i look forward to seeing you at one the events...thirdly, i am also a tireless volunteer...thus, i have earned my stripes...what you have not earned is through your writing to insult me or devotion the party or my views..thus, you are in one word "A Farce" ...i think that sums it up ..nicely!

Good day to you!!!

PS - i know you want dion maintained as leader of the liberal party and for him to get another crack at the next election...also as for my support for Mr ignatieff ironically i have not declared myself for any other candidates but i will definitely work my ass and sign enough liberals to get me as a delegate ....:-)

James Curran said...


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