Thursday, November 27, 2008

Harper Determined to Destroy Wheat Board

Purely partisan politics. Never have we had such and intrusive government in our time.


penlan said...

And they will get away with it - as usual!

Lizt. said...

Is this legal?..god help us if they ever get a majority. That is exactly what he is trying to do by eliminating the opposition. We have to fight.

Reid said...

So the Liberal private member's bill to make grain grown east of the MB/ON border marketed solely through the CWB is coming soon? And I suppose Mr. Easter will be putting forth a private member's bill to create the Canadian Potato Board?


I thought so.

It's condescending for people from Ontario to tell prairie grain growers what to do. Let's just let the affected growers decide and abide by their decision, which ever way it goes.

James Curran said...

It's condescending for the government to tell the grain farmers what to do!!!

lance said...

Well, duh.

They've only campaigned on it for three elections running now. The grass-roots have voted against the CWB at every policy convention. The CPC have won stunning majorities over the entire grain belt over that time.

In fact, the CPC won all but 1 riding in the areas affected by the CWB in the last General Election. I for one can't wait to check to see if the CPC didn't win the rural polls in Regina-Wascana as well.

I am completely confused as to why the Mtl/Toronto Liberals even bother to defend the CWB at all.

1. It doesn't effect your core supporters _at all_.

2. It moves a wedge issue, where the Liberals are on the wrong side, off the table.

3. The electorate has spoken.

'Hello', the voters out here don't want it. One would think that if your party wanted to grow in the West that you'd not object to such a minimal and politically non-threatening issue that obviously has voter support in the area.

Can you answer me that James? Because to me it seems like the Liberals support the CWB simply because the CPC is against it.


Local Grit said...

As a Western Liberal I agree with the comment that Easter should also be looking to create a government run Potato board in order to avoid hypocrisy. The majority of grain farmers want to market their grain on their own, with the advances in technology since the Wheat Board was created and the fact that farmers today are not running family farms but multi-million dollar business, the Wheat Board is not longer as relevant as in the past.

James, it is this type of messaging from the Liberals that is dooming us in Western Canada, time to drop this issue and move on. It's not a vote getter.

James Curran said...

Let's be clear about our western strtegy - past and present.

There isn't one!

Sitsonsix said...

"It's condescending for the government to tell the grain farmers what to do!!!"

Yet that's what the government has been doing ever since the implementation of the CWB Act during WWII. It's not your grain, it belongs to the government. Try to market it on your own as Ontario farmers are allowed to, and WHISK, off you go to the gulags.

Nobody wants to destroy the CWB, they just want to get rid of the CWB Act that makes western grain growers slaves to the bureaucracy.

If it's so good, force all Canadian grain growers to participate, including those in Ontario.

Leny Vilekoskytch said...

Of course, if the CWB has to go, maybe someone should look to getting rid of the poultry quota and opening up the dairy regime. Surely no one could object to that.

Oh right, about the strategy in the West. Are you saying that there isn't a western strategy or that there isn't a West?

Reid said...

James. You're confused. But you're a Liberal so that's understandable. The CPC position is the opposite of telling grain growers what to do. It's in fact letting them choose for themselves how they would like to market their grain. Be it with the CWB or on their own.

I truly would like 1, just 1, Liberal to answer this question honestly, "if the CWB is so great, why aren't you pushing to have grain growers east of MB forced into it?"

roblaw said...

Reid said... James. You're confused. But you're a Liberal so that's understandable

Reid.. how do you feel when your thoughts are dismissed, for no other reason but that you are a Conservative? It seems to me like some points are being made, including by LIBERALS, and that, if the point is to, well, make a point.. perhaps its counter-productive to insult the person your trying to make the point to.

That's half the problem in this Country.. we dismiss people out of hand becuase they don't support OUR party.. maybe time is coming to try and avoid that..

Just saying..

Sitsonsix said...

Beyond which, until the PC's joined with the Alliance, the Conservative side was perfectly happy to support the CWB Act as well.

This isn't just a Liberal thing. It was a necessary measure taken during the war that was never repealed once it was no longer needed. The bureaucracy took on a life of its own, and no political party since has had the nerve to do what should have been done over half a century ago.

I'd love to see Harper and his Cons get their way on this, though it's far too late to win me back to their side. As for the Libs and the Dippers, so long as they toe the old imperialist line, they'll never have any relevance in Alberta.