Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dionomics Wins Over The Federation of Municipalities

Breaking News: The Canadian Federation of Municipalities has just endorsed Stephane Dion's plan to bolster municipalities with $70 Billion over 10 years to address infrastructure shortfalls. This is a winner for Stephane Dion and the momentum is clearly heading the Big Red Way.


mezba said...

This is a very good policy and a good announcement and really helps in solidifying my vote for this guy.

Now Dion needs to make THIS announcement in cities and all the time, and hammer it out.

Also, spending on infrastructure in a time of recession makes sense, going by past history.

This, once again, is a great policy and should be talked about all the time (unlike, say, the Green Shift).

me dere robert said...

The question is.. will the media mention it?

wilson said...

OMG this is nuts!
He will take SURPLUS', then create a BANK to make low interest loans available.

So it looks like the carbon tax will create surpluses..not revenue neutral?

How do you repossess a bridge or a hiway if the borrower can't pay it back? Like the situation the US is in right now, zero collateral loans.

How do you choose which company/province gets surplus funds? That's another ADSCAM waiting to happen.

''He pledged to divert budget surpluses that exceed a $3-billion contingency fund to infrastructure projects, particularly those with a green focus.

A Liberal government would also create an infrastructure bank to provide all levels of government low-cost financing for projects such as regional energy grids and high-speed rail, he said.''