Thursday, September 18, 2008

Harpernomics in Action in Afghanistan...The $22 Billion WAR

Harpernomics at its best. Flaherty, O'Connor, MacKay and Harper all lied to Canadians about the real cost of the War in Afghanistan. In fact, it was always a big secret and they threatened elections if there was anybody opposed to their extension of the mission. At times there was no debate allowed.

They went to lengths to explain to Canadians that the war would cost no more than $8 Billion.
The minority Conservative government has estimated the cost of the six-year mission at under $8 billion. If the new figures are much higher, it could be bad news for Harper.

Well, my friends, the war will cost no less then $22 Billion. $22 Billion!!!

The Afghan war is going to end up costing the Defence Department more than $22 billion, both in actual money spent on the mission and future payments to rebuild equipment and provide long-term care for veterans, a military conference heard Wednesday.

That's Harpernomics!!! My guess is there will be an instant plunge in the polls for the Harper crew...especially in Quebec.

UPDATE: Red Tory has a take on this regarding the "TRANSPARENCY - or lack thereof - of the Harper government"

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