Monday, August 11, 2008

Why Does Stephen Harper Hate The Arts So Much?

Perhaps he was deprived from them as a child.


RuralSandi said...

Probably a case of "MY" way or the highway...he's not into it, so you can't be.

Now, for those not into sports - why should they pay taxpayer dollars fund sports events - sending professional athletes to go over to foreign countries to compete?

Double-standard, again.

leftdog said...

Neo-Reformer types like Harper struggle with 'art'. Since they see everything in terms of being a commodity or a service, they struggle with the nature of artistic output. Hard core Right thinkers see the world in simplistic one dimensional aspects (ie. their 'unfettered free market' schtick) and do not grasp artistic expression.

In their ideal free market world, they believe that art should be supported NOT by public tax dollars but by the generosity of the corporate sector.

Lizt. said...

Harper just wants to get rid of things run by the Federal Government...does anyone not see a pattern? Changing Canada, into something we will not like.

Oldschool said...

Why should the govt fund these flakes with my tax dollars?
If they produce anything of value . . . they could make a living at it, if not . . . get a real job!!!

I own lots of art . . . all produced by "free-market" artists who support themselves. Their work also appreciates . . . what a concept.

One of the biggest tax-sucking artistic pretenders is the CBC . . . they are certainly not worth the billions they consume.

James Curran said...

Why should senior taxpayers fund your kids sports activities?