Sunday, August 10, 2008

It's Easy to Promise the Moon When You'll Never Form Government

Just ask Jack Layton. Sure Jack.


leftdog said...

The plan to upgrade urban public transit is HARDLY promising 'the moon'! If you weren't scared of the New Democrats in key Liberal seats in Qubebec, you wouldn't have even posted this topic!

Libs are toast in la belle province! They hate Dion and still haven't forgiven you guys for all of the corruption from the last time Libs were government!

Have a nice day! :)

James Curran said...

The fact is: Jack is full of shit.

And, this ain't Outremont and YOUR candidate ain't an ex-Liberal. She will finish a very comfortable third.

Jennifer Smith said...

I still remember what happened the last time the NDP formed the government where they never had before. It wasn't pretty.

And no, it wasn't entirely their fault, and yes, I voted for Bob and would happily do so again, under any party. But there's no denying that at least part of what happened in Ontario in the '90s was due to the fact that the NDP there had never run a government before, except on paper.

For me, the NDP always has a lot of really good ideas for social policies that I support 100% - but not so many good ideas for how to pay for them.

Stephen said...

It's even easier to promise to oppose Stephen Harper's agenda when you have no intention of actually doing so.

That's been the record of Stephane Dion's Liberals over the last months, at least: pretend that you're seriously opposed to Harper's plans on the economy, the environment, and the War in Afghanistan, and then find reasons to support the same plans.

How progressive.

Oh, and as for jennifer smith's historically ignorant implication that the NDP doesn't know how to govern responsibly--I'd encourage her to take a look at Saskatchewan.

RuralSandi said...

Oh the sanctimonious, self-righteous NDP's....they've never been the federal government - so of course their slate is clean, BUT provincially they've had plenty of scandals. Let's see now, O'Learygate, Bingogate, Spudscam (much like adscam) come to mind and there are more.

Enough of the BS already.

Sean S. said...

Its easy to make promises when you have no intention of ever keeping them when your in government.....

but I digress.

Is the NDP campaigning for government, you bet. Do they have a good chance of taking power, not really but there is that chance. Does that automatically disqualify them from making promises and policies based on taking government? nope. Will those promises come into play even if they don't take over government, in a minority situation most certainly.

Excellent analyses by the way, top-notch stellar commentary on a substantive piece of policy from your opposition.

James Curran said...

Here's commentary for ya Sean.

"To this end, he is promising Montrealers cash for their transit system. One problem Jack. Liberal leaders have already done what you are promising to do. A Liberal Prime Minister already gave one cent of the gas tax to cities for transit. A commitment that would have been made permanent had Mr. Layton not brought down the Martin government in the fall of 2005. The rest of Jack's money is going to come from a cap and trade system set up by a pair of Liberal premiers. Tomorrow look for Jack Layton will promise to start the Canada Pension Plan, repatriate the Constitution and eliminate the deficit of the early 1990's."


Jennifer Smith said...

You know, Harper has just got to be laughing his ass off at this kind of cat fighting between the Liberals and the NDP.


We may not agree on everything, and I'm not talking about 'uniting the left' or anything. But for Gods sake people, let's try to remember that we have far more in common with each other than we do with that asshole at 24 Sussex. Can we please just put the knives away until we're rid of him? Then we can get back to arguing over who is lefter than thou and who would do a better job running the country.

I'm just hoping there'll still be a country to run by the time the HarperCons are done with it.