Monday, August 11, 2008

Like I Said...Jack Layton is Full of Sh#t!!!

Our good friends over at Politics is Local tipped the canoe that we were going to sink the Dippers in today over at their blog this morning. Yesterday I hinted that Jack was full of it.

Here's Local Grit's post. It's a beauty.

Layton Promises What Liberals Have Already Delivered

Jack Layton is trying to prove that his party's victory in Outremount wasn't the combination of random forces unlikely to repeat themselves. To this end, he is promising Montrealers cash for their transit system. One problem Jack. Liberal leaders have already done what you are promising to do. A Liberal Prime Minister already gave one cent of the gas tax to cities for transit. A commitment that would have been made permanent had Mr. Layton not brought down the Martin government in the fall of 2005. The rest of Jack's money is going to come from a cap and trade system set up by a pair of Liberal premiers. Tomorrow look for Jack Layton will promise to start the Canada Pension Plan, repatriate the Constitution and eliminate the deficit of the early 1990's.

As I've been saying over and over again, the Dippers continue to attack Liberals because they have no plan of their own that's worth a flying fiddle.


Cliff said...
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Cliff said...

Ah Liberals, taking sole credit for programs they were forced to bring in as a condition of support from the NDP in minority governments and then blaming everyone but themselves for their own failures:
A Canadian tradition.

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Cliff said...

leftdog said...

James ... I absolutely love the fact that your are scared ... sh#tless by the New Democrats! (and you should be)!!!

James Curran said...

Oh yes. I'm quivering. I'm looking forward to your 3 third place finishes in the by-elections.

dickburns75 said...

Anyone looking for the real scoop here (as opposed to the Liberal part line) should check this post from Accidental Deliberations:

"In 1993, Layton assembled a consortium of companies, unions, city agencies and energy experts to develop the world’s first plan to retrofit an entire city for energy efficiency. BBP projects have so far retrofitted 500 buildings, cut 132,000 tons of carbon emissions, supported hundreds of jobs, saved building owners $19-million in energy costs, and provided healthy returns for investors."

James Curran said...

Accidental Deliberations?

Yes, I agree, Jack should go back to Municipal politics... And, he will after the next election I'm sure.

Mike514 said...

I feel the same way about the Bloc. But I disagree (somewhat, not completely) with your assertion about the NDP. In minority government scenarios, the government will gravitate towards the NDP for support, and therefore give them concessions (as Cliff mentioned above).

But in this current government, I agree that the NDP is not needed. With Liberals abstaining from every single important vote, the Tories really have no use for the NDP to prop them up.

Cliff said...

"With Liberals abstaining from every single important vote, the Tories really have no use for the NDP to prop them up."

Except the NDP has voted against the Cons on every confidence vote while the Liberals have abstained, carefully played hooky or supported the Conservatives on every confidence vote. Who's propping them up again?