Saturday, August 9, 2008

Conservative Bloggers and Trolls Wrong as Usual

For months Liberal bloggers have been wrning of the impending doom and gloom of the Candian economy. And, for months we've been invaded by Conservative trolls telling us how great the economy is and how this is the lowest unemployment rate in 30 years....yadda yadda yadda.

Well the other shoe just dropped trolls. Of course you all remember the first shoe.

So it looks like the economy and the environment will be the hot items for this fall's election. The Liberals will be quite okay with that. We have a plan for the environment. The Conseratives don't. We have a history of sound surplus financing. The Conservatives don't.

The prediction...Stephane Dion is the next Prime Minister of Canada and it sure will be interesting to see who the next leader of the Conservative Party will be.


wilson said...

Canadians know that the downturn in the Canadian economy is directly related to the US economy.

Canadians also know that having 'surpluses' in an economic downturn means
1. there is no economic downturn, as the govt coffers overflowith.
2. gross overtaxation may be partially responsible for a downturn.

It will be very interesting to watch Libs try to blame PMSH for the downturn,
all the while pushing a Green Tax that will worsen the economy and thusly kill jobs.

RuralSandi said...

Well, it's obvious that Wilson doesn't know what she/he's talking about.

Babylonian777 said...

"Well, it's obvious that Wilson doesn't know what she/he's talking about."

Please enlighten us instead of doing a typical Liberal hit and run with some smug elitist comment.

What he said made perfect sense to me.

Babylonian777 said...

* what he or she said

Zorpheous said...

The prediction...Stephane Dion is the next Prime Minister of Canada and it sure will be interesting to see who the next leader of the Conservative Party will be.

I wish that prediction were true, but that is not something I can take to the bank.

As for Wilson, he is half right, but he ignores the facts that Harper spent the cupboards bare in the last two years, and Harper's Government has increased spending that surpasses the inflationary rate, and then uses his ministers to bash the economies of the Ontario and other manufacturing sectors of Canada. These actions have are not helpful (to put it politely) to an economy that is on the ropes.

Also, according to Kate at SDA, there is no American recession, it is all just evil Liberal MSM plots to make George and Republicans look bad.

Now we have a Federal Government that is running 512 million dollar deficit in the first two months of the year, so much for Harper being a fiscal conservative, but if we point that out we are bashing the economy and hoping for bad news,... yadda, yadda, yadda,...

Ti-Guy said...

Please enlighten us instead of doing a typical Liberal hit and run with some smug elitist comment.

Why don't you ask Wilson to substantiate her baseless assertions first? How does she know what Canadians know or think?

Zorpheous said...

No, no, No, Ti-Guy. That is not how it works. We do all the work, we must never use any name calling or baseless facts. And the comment "a typical Liberal hit and run with some smug elitist comment." is actually a term or respect and endearment, and isn't ment as an insult. Do as they say, not as they do, Ti-Guy (you can't even point out when they break their own rules, because that mean)

tarobins said...

"the downturn in the Canadian economy is directly related to the US economy."

As with any national problem these days it's either the Liberal's fault, or the fault of the US economy, or the fault of small green men from Mars (it is the red planet after all; it must be teeming with liberals pretending to be green men).

It seems to me that Conservative are admitting that they are just impotent placeholders and that it's not really them controlling the government. It seems, depending on the day, that either the Liberals or the US is running the show as it is really them who are to blame for everything that goes wrong.

James Curran said...

Hilarious really. The great Economic School Grad Stephen Harper and his puppet Jimmy "ILoveDeficits" Flaherty. Don't look behind the curtain. Don't look behind the curtain. Oue economy is fine. Don't look behind the curtain.

wilson said...

''the downturn in the Canadian economy is directly related to the US economy''
Because Canada is an EXPORTING country, (yah know how that goes, we produce/manufacture more than Canada can consume, because we have lots of stuff and few people, so we sell our stuff to other countries) and the US is our biggest BUYER of goods (ask Dahlton if you want details),
and the US isn't buying (except our resources),
which means Canada isn't selling, which means our economy is slowing.

A surplus is over taxation of citizens.
The billions in tax cuts this Conservative government gave to Canadians, is now in Canadians' hands & buying goods and services, and high priced fuel.
The downturn would be far worse without the billions given back to taxpayers.

I am a she.

wilson said...

I'm assuming you are a farm women. Which means you run your own business.
What happens to your bottom line when other countries don't buy your grain, or madcow closes the borders to your beef sales?

What do you do? Store your grain?
Over winter your steers and open cows? Feed out your calves on the grain you can't sell?
Wow. There goes your surplus.

James Curran said...

What is it exactly that you thought the US buys from us Willie? The answer is not what you would lead us to believe. Thefact is the US continues to drain us of our natural resources and fuel their US auto factories. They ain't soing us any favours. The only reason they wanted NAFTA was to foreign own all our oil companies and the sucker Mulroney sold us right out. We can sell our grain anywhere in the world. We don't need the US. Our trade with US has been goig down for years.

Petroleum products …US$63.7 billion (21% of Canada to U.S. exports, up 6% from 2005)
Passenger cars … $36.6 billion (12.5%, up 1.5%)
Car parts & accessories … $15.6 billion (5.1%, down 2.5%)
Complete & assembled cars … $12.2 billion (4%, down 2.3%)
Aluminum … $7.7 billion (2.5%, up 36.1%)
Lumber … $6.6 billion (2.2%, down 8.9%)
Finishing materials (e.g. shingles, wallboard) … $5.9 billion (2.0%, down 10.7%)
Plastics … $5.8 billion (1.9%, up 7.9%)
Telecommunications … $4 billion (1.3%, down 0.7%)
Engines & parts … $3.98 billion (1.3%, down 8.6%)

James Curran said...

Fastest-Growing Canadian Exports to U.S.

Below are American imports from Canada in 2006 with the highest percentage sales increases from 2005.

Sugar … US$43.4 million (up 130.4% from 2005)
Zinc … $1.4 billion (up 122.2%)
Precious metals … $685.9 million (up 72.4%)
Oil field drilling equipment … $1.0 billion (up 65.6%)
Copper … $2.0 billion (up 51.1%)
Medicinal, dental & pharmaceutical preparations … $3.5 billion (up 43.5%)
Nickel … $1.2 billion (up 38.9%)

YOU see, it's not like we're building things and sending it to the US as you would have us believe. Most of the shit we export is raw materials. It's not like they're buying Candian Clothes, toys etc. It's more like we are a feeder for all things natural and irreplacable.

wilson said...

Dahlton mcGuinty doesn't agree with you James:

''We are North America's largest auto producer, surpassing even Michigan. And most of the cars we build are sold in the U.S.

About $900 million CDN worth of goods travel between Ontario and the United States — every single day.''

Ontario exports to the US in 2007:

James Curran said...

WTF does McGuinty have to do with your retarded finance minister and his genius Economic School boss?

Perhaps a chart of exports will help you. Maybe the fact that our exports are still increasing (which you suggest they aren't) will help you out. And yes the auto market has gone down for the 6th consecutive year.

wilson said...

''Most of the shit we export is raw materials.''

And resources would be exported without Dion's carbon tax, yet all that shit we buy from the US/China would have a tariff on it, as prescribed in the Green Shift.
That's a real winning formula for economic stimulation, eh...

James Curran said...

One thing's for sure, it's good for the environment and it's good for the taxpayers that will be getting tax brakes in the three lowest tax brakets.

wilson said...

'it's good for the environment'
What will the GS do that $120pb oil hasn't already done?

Way back when Dion was against a carbon tax,
and shortly after the rising fuel prices:
Auto mfg were refitting/closing plants to produce fuel efficient cars.
People are driving much less, as in staying home instead of holidaying. Ask tourism.

Dion and his Green Shift are FOLLOWING the parade, not leading it.
Libs had their chance, but 'didn't get the job done'.

Oldschool said...

Dion's hair-brained "Green-Shift" is a receipe for double-digit inflation . . . period!!!
It is the consumer who will bear the cost of this silly plan.
The concept of 30 odd million canooks turning out the lights, freezing in the dark won't save the planet . . . in fact hasn't the globe cooled .5 a degree since 2000?
Ontario is one of the highest taxed provinces, could have a little to do with their issues.
Look at the Governator's Kalifornistan . . . things ain't going to well there either . . . could it be their "Green Shift"?
They seem to be shifting a lot of industry to Arizona.

Zorpheous said...


Get your rightwing talking point correct if your going to use them. The at point is 1998, which was the hottest record year. The global average temperature has still been increasing and 2007 was the second hottest record on record. Also, hardcore data from ocean temperatures show that oceans are acting as a huge heat sink, couple with that, the increased CO2 absorption the ocean take and the increase ocean temperatures is causing major changes in our ocean ecologies, ecologies that can not adapt as fast as the changes that are being imposed on them. You want to talk about the the effect of GHG and Global Climate Change look to the world ocean's.

As for the Green Shift, it is a change in or shift in taxation policy that is to encourage Canadian and Canadian Businesses to move to cleaner energy, the choice is up to the consumer, you know the Free Market of choice. You can choice to be taxed or you can change your habits.

Want proof that Canadian will change, just the increase in energy cost alone has severed catalyst for Canadian Home Owners, who are now 6% below the 1990 Carbon emission as of 2006. The Green Shift will provide a further Carrot and Stick to help us reduce our GHG emissions. So you can be stupid and be whack be the stick, or you can move and take the carrot.

Personally, I don't care what you do, I hope you stay put and get wacked by the stick an leave the carrots for me!

Mala Fides said...

All I can say is that Harper's evil scheme to dismantle the Federal government will not be tolerated by Canadians.

The fact that both Harper and Flaherty have based their numbers on a good economy should have everyone starting to worry right now.

The tax cuts Harper made to the GST, instead of income tax have not stimulated spending.

What is 2% when you have less disposable income due to inflation?

The GST cut has been a net loser for Joe and Jane Canadian.

With the substantial loss of revenue, from the GST, Harper has deprived the Federal Government of its ability to put forward a meaningful economic stimulus package to help us stay out of recession (that is, without taking us deeper into deficit financing like his brother George Bush has done).

Actually, Harper has already started out the first two months of the fiscal year on pretty bleak footing with HIS $517 million deficit in April and May (typically strong months).

So, to you Reformers visiting us here and spewing your BS, it is easier just to admit that you are in deep $#!^ and have no clue what to do.

You can also admit that ideology, negative ads and snappy sound bites are not the basis for responsible and serious policy.

Next up for old Steve will be increased interests rates across the board for Canadian home owners.