Thursday, July 10, 2008

More Assasination Jokes About World Leaders

So a friend of mine, the President of the St. Catharines Liberal Riding Association, Jane Cornelius is being hung out to dry in the press and on Conservative Blogs everywhere. It appears Jane published a distasteful joke in the riding newsletter. Of course Jane didn't write the joke/non-joke, but merely shared it with people.

Naturally, Conservative MP Rick Dykstra, who enjoys bottom feeding, waited until the day Liberal Leader Stephane Dion was to appear in St. Catharines to throw out his media release. Typical of Dykstra. Trying to gain the headline in the Standard over Walt Lastewka at the expense of one of the nicest ladies to grace a riding association.

I will not publish the joke/non-joke, but I will share these links with you with the same joke/non-joke from around the world:

Tony Blair

George Bush

Blair Again

PM John Howard

The Herald allowed it in their comment section about Blair

Same joke Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton

Different Bush Twist

Kevin Rudd

Anyway, one of the nicest ladies I've had the pleasure of meeting is being crucified for political gain by an MP not worthy of tying her shoes.


Babylonian777 said...

Those links you gave, could they be considered equivalent venues such as that of "President of the St. Catharines Liberal Riding Association" newsletter, websites, or blog? Those links you gave, are they affiliated with any of the opposition parties of the people they were making fun of?

Where are you going exactly with this?

James Curran said...

The point is....should all sites publishing the joke be investigated by their respective government law enforcements?

It's a fucking joke. Get over it you ass!!

Schnee Wolfe said... variation on this joke...

I have just begun blogging politically; found your post & the joke you linked for us is great ... in the same vein as other politically incorrect jokes... don't see anything wrong with it either... what has happened to peoples sense of humour... so for my joke, should the RCMP, CSIS and HLS be coming looking for me...

James Curran said...

Some would like to see that apparently.