Monday, July 7, 2008

So Just Send Money to any Ole Company?

Let me get this straight. A Conservative Blogger has set up a website for people to throw money at a company that plans to sue the Liberal Party of Canada. A company that claims "What I'm most upset about is the idea that we're not about a political affiliation". And this company is going to take cheques and Interac transfers and throw the money into their coffers to pay for this lawsuit against the Liberal Party of Canada instead of establishing a Legal Trust Fund for said funds.

Sounds like a company that wants money and doesn't care who they have to get it from...Liberals. Conservatives. Dippers. matter. We just want money.

How do we know this blogger has a Conservative bias? Because the blog states:

This is a biased blog. It reflects a point of view. So please read everything with that in mind. The bias is Canadian, Conservative, and atheist.

Anywho. Whatever.


Prairie Kid said...

So let me get this straight. A big corporation (Liberal Party of Canada) runs roughshod over a small company (Green Shift) by stealing their name, then snubbing their nose at them when they balk . . . then basically telling them they should be happy with the publicity they are going to get . . . . and somehow you blame this company for sticking up for their rights?

I thought Liberals had softened their "entitlement" position but I see it's alive and well.

James Curran said...

Get over yourself prairie weed. This shit happens all the time and this poor little company better get over themselves as well. They have no case. Zero. And suckers like you will continue to fall for their "I'm losing business" schtick. Any publicity is good publicity for a company that size.

Apple Computers. Apple Records. Apple Auto Glass. Apple Vacations. Apple Trailers. Should be fun for Green Shift Inc's lawyer. I'd love to see his/her submissions and affidavits when they file.

And why is this company claiming to be 10 years old? It was founded in 2001. Making it 7. Me thinks they like to stretch the truth.

And from Kinsella's blog we have this comment:

" While the company may not like the Liberals promoting public policy that is likened to the name of their business, the suit is entirely without any merit, not the least of which is that the Liberals seek no commercial advantage or gain.

If I were advising, I would recommend a quick motion for summary judgment, and given that the Company should have known better (ie: any patent attorney would tell them no case) I'd ask for huge costs: on a solicitor client basis."

Prairie Kid said...

Selling computers, CD's and auto glass is not the same as selling the environment. Both Green Shifts have something to do with the environment. Your examples are not relevant at all.

But the point everybody seems to be missing is that The Liberal Party knew well in advance that they were going to be stepping on toes . . . and they went ahead anyway.

Sheer arrogance on behalf of a party who should be helping Canadian businesses, not stepping on them.

James Curran said...

What part of "the suit is entirely without any merit, not the least of which is that the Liberals seek no commercial advantage or gain" don't ya get?

RuralSandi said...

Prairie Kid - all over the blogosphere this morning bashing and trashing as usual - best way to handle goofs like this is push the ignore button.

As I understand it, Jennifer Wright's company applied for trademark, didn't receive it and re-applied.

They do not own the trademark.

James Curran said...

Yes. Prairie Weed is all over the map. It's just amazing how this 7 year old company becomes 10. You know, just round upward for reporters. Its much easier. Not much information available on Jennifer Wright out there.

bigcitylib said...


To be fair, I am not sure Ms. Wright even knew about Jago's website, or if she intends to take any money he raises. Jago won't say what the connection is, other than that he is not affiliated with the company and they're not responsible for his website. Ms. Wright has not responded to (my) emails on the topic.