Saturday, July 12, 2008

NDP Lose Original Member to Liberals

More proof of what I've been harping on about the NDP and their total lack of direction. Reid Scott, the original NDP member from the Danforth riding now occupied by Jack Layton, is now set to join Stephane Dion in his Green Shift crusade.

Susan Delacourt has the scoop here. Reid Scott was instrumental in the selection of today's Canadian flag. As for the NDP? No direction known.


Deb Prothero said...

Dion would be well served if he dropped that membership application off in person!

Blogging Horse said...

Reid Scott was a remarkable politician. His role in giving us the flag Canadians love today should never be overlooked nor forgotten (which incidentally it was during the 40th anniversary ceremony overseen by then-PM Paul Martin in 2005, to the anger of many New Democrats).

But let’s be honest: that someone whose name hasn’t been on a ballot for over 40 years – and whose role in history Liberals couldn’t even remember to mention only 3 years ago - is taking out a $10 party membership is hardly newsworthy.

What is far more interesting are Thomas Mulcair and Francoise Boivin - ex-Liberals of the contemporary era - who have united with Jack Layton to take on Stephen Harper while Stephane Dion makes pathetic excuses for irresponsibly allowing Harper to enjoy the longest minority Conservative government in history!

RuralSandi said...

Blobbing Horse - you said the exact same thing on another site, but you just don't get it.

This guy was a devoted NDP'r, part of the principled Tommy Douglas group and when a man who has been devoted to a party for so many years changes - it's BIG.

Thomas Mulcair - was a Liberal and got mad so became an NDP'r - for how long now - 10 minutes. Same for the other one - she was new to politics as a liberal. They are "opportunists".

JimBobby said...

you said the exact same thing on another site

Whooee! The exact same thing. Copying and pasting identical comments saves time, I reckon. I do it once in a while but I always tell the second one that I already said this somewhere else. Otherwise, I'd feel like a comment spammer.

If Bob Stanfield or Marc Lalonde joined the NDP, they'd be shoutin' it from the rooftops. It's newsworthy, even if party memberships are only $10.


leftdog said...

I'll tell you Liberals here what you should do! Run the old timer against Jack in Danforth and let's see who wins! LOL!

Watching Libs get all giddy over an 81 year old who is experiencing political twinges ... is laughable and extremely entertaining!

'Rock on'! (or should I say ...) 'Charleston on'!!

Greg said...

I just have to wonder about someone who says he is leaving the NDP for betraying its principles, only to join the Liberal Party. I guess since the Liberal Party has no principles to abandon, he has no worries there. It makes sense in a cut off your nose to spite your face kind of way.

James Curran said...

He'd beat Jack Layton...similarly, Mulcair's days are probably numbered.

leftdog said...

"He'd beat Jack Layton" ... are you kidding me?! Run him ... seriously, let's go for it!

He wouldn't have a hope in hell!

janfromthebruce said...

Reid Scott was instrumental in the selection of today's Canadian flag.

Right, and 3 years ago the Martin Liberals didn't remember that in celebration of our flag anniversary and didn't include him. I guess Mr. Reid forgot about that "little slight."
Anyway, we will see how this plays out in the long run!

Babylonian777 said...

"He'd beat Jack Layton...similarly, Mulcair's days are probably numbered."

Mulcairs impecible language skills, charisma, and profesionalism would give Dion a good challenge, Mulcair is someone to watch out for.

I think he will be the next leader of the NDP...........which may alienate some in the party because of his Catholocism, not sure how steeped he is in the faith.

James Curran said...

Hard to be a leader if you cant win back your seat. And, unlike the rest of you, judge Scott gets it. The NDP have become irrelevant and found wanting.

Mala Fides said...

I know a lot of people who like Jack as a person and respect his contibutions to Toronto and to his various causes.

However, reading this post and about Scott Reid makes me think back to the 2004 televised leadership debate and Jack Layton's 'performance'. I remember thinking that he ought to have been wearing a bright multi-coloured checked suit and have been flogging used cars. He was all noise and little substance, which is a shame because I do think the guy has something to offer.

His time in Parliament has been little different than his debate performance. Layton has taken what was once appreciated for being a principled party and sacrificed its core relevance.

He had a chance with Paul Martin to put into effect important NDP policies, but didn't. Now maybe a good share of the blame for that should fall at the doorstep of Paul Martin's goon-squad staff, but Jack had an opportunity to make a difference and he didn't. He sacrificed principle for political gain.

Fast forward four years and he still believes that he can toppled the Liberals and instead of realizing that at best, the NDP are an agent of change when they work WITH the Liberals, he continues to practise drive-by smears and all the while continues to prop up a government whose policies should be repulsive to all NDP.

Jack's leadership is furthering the Reform agenda.

It is that simple.

And this is why people like Scott Reid are not staying on board with the NDP.

When you look at the policies that are being put out by the Liberals, it makes no sense at all that the NDP are not cooperating with the Liberals to bring down the Harper government. We have a unique opportunity to work together and of all the Liberal leaders, Dion should be a guy that Jack can work with.

Keep on flogging your used cars Jack.