Wednesday, June 25, 2008

All Canadians Terrorist Suspects Now...Thanks Jim Flaherty

Thinking of buying or selling real estate in Canada? Well there's some new regulations you might want to know about. They took effect June 23, 2008. From that day forward, every real estate transaction in the country will be at the scrutiny of Fintrac. The reason? To stop money launderers and terrorists.

What do you think about giving your Realtor your bank account number, place of business, etc. to be held in their files for a minimum of 5 years. Well, it's mandatory for all Realtors to obtain this information from you now. Failure for Realtors to comply with Big Brother can net them a whopping $500,000 fine.

The Realtor's Political Action group were unable to change Jimmy's mind on this. His "too bad, that's the way it is" attitude left zero room for negotiation. The sad part is that we don't even get the consumer's acknowledgement on these forms to keep this information, yet it is mandatory.

Here's the new changes to Fintrac.


Anonymous said...

Mr.Curran if you and your Liberal party don't like this,then why is it the Conservatives are still in power today? Oh yea the liberals are busy propping up this government. So Mr.Curran the Liberals are the one's who are responsible for this,at the very least they let the legislation pass.

So it should not be thanks to Jim Flaherty.
It should be thanks to Mr. Jim Flaherty and Mr.Dion's Liberals.

Red Tory said...

Hmmm. I'd heard of these new regs coming into place, but thought their intent was something different than ferreting out potential enablers of terrorism. I thought it was to designed to protect against fraudulent land swindles. In any case, it's another unwarranted invasion of privacy. Part of a global trend it seems... TERRA!

James Curran said...

Dear Right is where it's Wrong, this was not an act of parliament. It was an internal regulation change by Fintrac and the Ministry of Finance. What you're spewing on about only shows your absolute ignorance. Thanks for coming out though.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Curran you have completely missed the point here. If you and your Liberals think that this country is going in the wrong direction,then why in Heavens name is the Conservatives still in power today hummm?

Since last fall there were countless vote of confidence and every single time the government survived,simply because of your Liberals propping them up. Whether it's an act of parliament or not it's completely beside the point.

If the Liberals would have brought down the government this past winter/ fall and by miracle won the election,you would have not have done this post now would you? Just think about it humm!

Now for you trying to be funny: "Dear Right is where it's Wrong" nice try don't quit your day job.

RuralSandi said...

Great - let's just make it easier for ID theft.

Why do real estate agents need this stuff - wouldn't it be better to have a system/approval from the banks who'd have the info? A clearance from a bank should suffice.

James Curran said...

Dear Mr. Wrong, your typical Conservative rhetoric misses the point. Like your CON MPs, you fail to bring forth any logical debate on the actual issue. Typical.

Anonymous said...

"Dear Mr. Wrong, your typical Conservative rhetoric misses the point. Like your CON MPs, you fail to bring forth any logical debate on the actual issue. Typical."

Just typical liberal hypocrite like yourself ask a few simple questions and get attack for it in name calling. Why you ask? Because you know I am right.

Don't worry I'll leave you and your minions alone enjoy yourselves.

Red Tory said...

James — You're wasting your time arguing with "Baron Johnny" (that's TRIWIA's other name). He's thick as a brick.

What's his point here? The Libs didn't bring down the Harper government, therefore they have no right to be moaning and whining about anything the government does. Well, that's brilliant, isn't it? According to this masterful bit of "logic" every Liblogger should just hang it up and quit blogging altogether... unless they have something nice to say about Harper, or critical about Dion.

What a valuable contribution to any discussion you make TRIWIA!

Oy. What a putz.