Thursday, June 26, 2008

A proof is a proof. What kind of a proof? It's a proof!

The Greatest Prime Minister of our time continues to be just that - the Greatest. Not to mention that he's still undefeated!

I'm just waiting for the dead silence over at Blogging Tories. Mulroney will not fare as well.

I think I'm gonna call Kinsella for beers...lots of beers.


Red Tory said...

You know, I thought that might be a bit of an exaggeration. Surely, there would be one or two posts about this, I figured. But no. I just checked and there wasn't a single one. Unbelievable.

knb said...

There were some earlier from the usual suspects. The insipid Doctor, Halls and Crux.

As for the rest, I imagine they'll begin their pile on soon.

I'm not sure they will realise the future implications until they digest the red meat.

jaybird said...

I am curious about one thing...what does the lib blogosphere make of Chretien's call for an apology, not from Gomery but from Paul Martin?

Johnathon said...

First of all the judge today only said that Gomery had bias towards Chretien.

Next, how is it possible that the Prime Minister of a country cannot know how 100 million was stolen.

Even if he didn't know (which is horseshit) he should have known.

Clearly, he is responsible either way.

knb said...

johnathon: First of all the judge today only said that Gomery had bias towards Chretien.

Toward Chretien? Good grief, read the judgement and start over.

(Are all Con's this dim?)

Furthermore, Chretien did accept responsibility in that broad context.

It's a mystery to you that PM's don't follow detail? Well yes of course it would be since you have your PM reading all briefing notes...but to use an old expression...he know's Nothing, Nothing!

Pathetic. The Lib's haven't done everything right, but they called the cop's on themselves so to speak, something the Con's are loathe to do. In fact, they resist that type of accountability.

Mala Fides said...

Can I come for beers too?

James Curran said...

Absolutely. The more the merrier!!!

The Rat said...

You forget that most of us "Tories" left the PCs BECAUSE of Mulroney. Throw him under the Airbus for all I care about him.