Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dion = Harris

You're kidding right?. The second most hated Premier in the history of Ontario. The province is still reeling from Harris' legacy and the media is ridiculing the Conservative Federal Party for having all of Harris' bullshit ministers in their caucus.

Yet my fellow blogger thinks somehow Dion and Harris have lots in common. He's right about one thing... Mike Harris was a loser... a filthy rich loser. Oh boy.


Jennifer Smith said...

You'll have to forgive Jason. He's one of those 'conservative Liberals'.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for saying that. I read the post, and just didn't say anything I was so shocked.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! That's backroom politics: Putting strategy over ideology. Harris won with a catchy slogan. His guy has a catchy slogan. His guy is just like Harris. Brilliant.

Backroom boys talk about "harvesting votes." James has, no doubt, heard the phrase. When election strategies are planned and executed, harvesting votes is the goal. If you're only looking at the harvesting process, Harris' campaign might bear some resemblance to Dion's current situation.

A good backroom strategist would keep that observation in the backroom. Inviting comparisons between the now-despised Harris and the hopeful Dion makes no sense, common or otherwise.


jaybird said...

Well I have to say that I don't hate Dion as much as Harris but as a Dipper, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Cherniak (mouthpiece LPCer) makes that headline!

James Bowie said...
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James Bowie said...

I also had a shocked reaction, since Harris and Dion have nothing in common philosophically or personally, but bear with Jason...

1. Neither Harris nor Dion was a favourite to win, and Harris won two majorities. Say what you will about his terrible retrograde Tory governments, he won two elections big.

2. Harris released his election platform long before the actual election, as Dion is doing. This is giving the electorate a chance to get used to his ideas.

I find the comparison as distasteful as you do, but curb your emotional reaction. Cherniak is not saying that a Dion government would be like a Harris government. He merely gives reasons why Dion might win an election based on Ontario's history.

So I hope he's not wrong.