Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mike Duffy: "This guy is not a rocket scientist this guy Max Bernier"



Stephen said...

Bernier says he could never have imagined such a 'nasty and low attack' as he saw today when his personal ties were raised in the House of Commons.

He must have missed his own leader's comments on Navdeep Bains' father-in-law last year.

RuralSandi said...

It's about security - what a bunch of goofs, really they are. We are in Aghanistan - poppies are grown there - bikers gangs deal with drugs, etc.

It sure as hell is everyone's business when it involves the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Pretty but dumb Bernier is, really dumb. Much like MacKay.

Harper's about image - not substance it seems.

Kai_Wolf said...

"In and Out" is well on its way in being tuned out by the voters with the rest of the "scandals" the policy-less Liberals have tried to use as a smokescreen for their continued incompetence.

But, not to worry though, right Steve? Here comes another, the latest "scandal" dog that won't hunt that the Liberals can try to fan to distract away from their laughing-stock deficiencies.

Just bring on the election already. Your leader has opportunites in private life waiting for him.

James Curran said...

I don't know what media you've been watching poodle. These dogs are hunting. And they ain't finished yet.

It's now Conservatives stalling the Budget bill in committee to try to get to the summer break.

More scandals to come. Watch and see.

Kai_Wolf said...

I don't know what media you've been watching poodle.

Well, Jamie, just the one that demonstrate that these "scandals" are having no effect on Harper. You're not a terribly obtuse person; even you know that.Do I really have to do you're homework for you? Come now, you're a tad more resourceful than that.

These dogs are hunting. And they ain't finished yet.

Always a "scandal" for a policy-less party to flog, eh Steven? No, these dogs won't even get out of the kennel, let alone hunt.

More scandals to come. Watch and see.

Oh, I know. Liberals flailing pathetically about by constant scandal mongering is so much more worthwhile for them than actually trying to, you know, come up with policies.

It's now Conservatives stalling the Budget bill in committee to try to get to the summer break.

Well, if you think the Tories are stalling because of some perceived weakness, then perhaps the Liberals will test this and every other "scandal" by defeating this government and having an election.

No, eh? Yeah, I didn't think so.

James Curran said...

um, tough to have an election with nothing to vote on to bring your shit ass government down.

Go back to blue room chihuahua.

Mala Fides said...

Well Kai, if you count income trust, higher unemployment, the re-emergence of deficit financing, the destruction of the housing market, through the roof gas prices, and the economy in general as scandalous, then I agree, the Liberals are focusing too much on things scandalous.

Add to all of that the fact that the Conservatives haven't figured out that government is actually about leadership and governing, rather than simply playing politics, it is obvious that Stephen Harper and his brain trust are ill-equipped to be governing the whole country.

It is becoming more and more obvious that the only thing Harper is trying to do, is to run the country out of business. Cutting off tax revenues so that the federal government won't be able to run programs; degrading the ability of the public service to maintain programs; controlling oversight and officers of parliament to the point where their independence is only nominal. These are signs that Harper's only ability is political and they are NOT signs of leadership or the ability to govern a democratic country.

Real Progressive Conservatives should not continue to enable this group of malignant incompetents.

Real Progressive Conservatives believe in Canada and understand that the country comes first and politics second. Real Progressive Conservatives understand that scoring points against your opponent is important, but should never be the only component of their game. But then again, real Progressive Conservatives are only important when it's time to vote. The rest of the time, you can shut up and stand in the shadows with the rest of the idiots.

Harper believes that the best thing the CRAP could do is bust Canada up and let the pieces sort it out for themselves.

This isn't a leader.

"Stand Up For Canada" HA!!!

How about "WAKE UP FOR CANADA!!!"

It's time to wake up before its too late!!!

J said...

I can't get my chaps in a knot about this one. I don't think that anyone thinks Bernier is a mental giant and it is sad that he is our Minister of Foreign Affairs. He should be raked over the coals on the blogs and in the gossipy Taber-like columns BUT spending an entire QP on this is ridiculous. That is why I am thrilled with my party, the NDP ( After multiple questions from the Liberal caucus and the Bloc, Jack stood and asked the Cons to address the growing income gap. You know, something that is actually affecting real Canadians.
BTW - if any of you think that Harper is letting Bernier (known screw up) take any important super secret documents home, you must not believe your own liblog rhetoric about Harper's extreme control ;)

James Curran said...

Easy there J. Your man Jack just fell behind Stephane Dion in popularity.

Kai_Wolf said...

Um, tough to have an election with nothing to vote on to bring your shit ass government down.

Nuh uh, Jamie; your team had plenty of time and opportunity to bring this terrible, horrible Harper government down, yet did absolutley nothing to do so. You can hardly go crying that the Tories won't give your party of losers a reason now..

Go back to blue room chihuahua.

LOL, weak sauce, Jamie. Enjoy watching your leader on the summer BBQ circuit. Gotta build up a lot of strength for more abstentions in the fall. :D

Kai_Wolf said...

Read it and weep Mala Fides. :D

James Curran said...

That's what I thought Yorkie. Cowards.

Kai_Wolf said...

LOL "cowards".

This from a LPC supporter whose party, in the last year and a half, has consistently time and again, compromised core principles in HOC votes because they are afraid of facing Canadians in an election to defeat this awful, awful Tory government. As Rick Mercer has stated, your party is not afraid of an election, they're afraid to face the electorate in the context of an election. The Liberals have been cowards, Jamie. They proven that for the last year and a half.

Have a nice summer, Jamie. I know the Tories will. :D