Friday, May 9, 2008

Conservatives Are Above the Rules

I like the new Dipper tactics in the House and on the streets these days. Much better than the worn out Liberal attacks. First there was Pat Martin exposing another Conservative election fraud. And, yesterday, we had Mr. Angus taking on Bev Oda. Great quote at the end of this article.


J said...

Thanks James. I appreciate your acknowledgement - not that I have anything to do with strategic decision making for the party but I have been pretty happy with my party's performance.
I must say, I was also pretty pleased that the NDP has been trying to focus as much or more on substance in the HOC over scandal. Not that the Cons election expense scandal isn't important but it is also important to talk about stuff effecting Canadian lives off the Hill.
Yesterday I watched QP and the LPC and Bloc caucuses focused entirely on the biker gfriend/Bernier thing. Personally, I think this should be blogger material not HOC material. Anyway, Jack's question focused on the growing income gap. Gotta say I love it!

James Curran said...

Let's not get carried away there. Your guy Jack is now in third place behind Stephane Dion.

J said...

Oh I knew the old rabidly partisan James was just under the surface ;)
That's ok - you can take cheap shots at Jack. My point still stands.

James Curran said...

Next you're gonna tell me the Liberals paid Nanos to do the poll. ;-)

Jimmie said...

Your points on the NDP are well noted.

It used to be a time when the Liberals would actually take on Conservatives.

NDP is only stepping in to fill the void, i suppose.