Thursday, May 8, 2008


Now, I've searched high and low for the square footage of 24 Sussex Drive. It would appear that nobody has the answer to "how big is 24 Sussex Drive". Not even the National sites have it.

Anyway I'm going to put my tiny realtor type hat on and give the grand old house 20,000 square feet (I'm really thinking 10,000). Having been there once, I'm going to assume the home needs new everything.

To that end, the calculation is an easy and even $500 a square foot. Now I don't know what part of Canada all of you live in, but where I come from, you can build an entirely new home, land in, for $200-$250 a square foot. Sussex already has the 3.8 acres of land.

And people were outraged when this family below put a pool on the property.

So what in God's name are we getting for $500 a square foot in renovation and where can I submit my estimate for the job?


Lizt. said...

IT is not much for a place that size, and what it involves.One does not want a shoddy job of that beautiful old building. Harper can move to Harrigton Lake, or the Guest House at 24 Sussex. I am sure it would not be the fist time a PM has moved..King did it. The Guest House used to be Laurier House,..... Harper would have nightmares. if he knew that !

Canajun said...

While I do not quibble with the need to fix the old place up, the cost does seem excessive until you consider that the work would be done under government contracts, managed by government project managers. And they never saw at $2,000 toilet they didn't like!