Monday, May 19, 2008

Harper Classless as Mulroney

History will show in years to come that Stephen Harper and Brian Mulroney were the most classless Prime Ministers ever. In Mulroney's case, history has already reared its ugly head.

The distinction of being the only two PMs in recent history to not attend the portrait hanging ceremony of a previous PM is theirs alone.


RuralSandi said...

Funny, it's Clarke that is respected by Canadians. Even though he had a short term as PM, his other works have earned him so much respect. I don't think anyone of any political stripe dislikes Mr. Clarke.

How many "non-attended" situations has Harper had now?

What a rude, petty man. Seems like he and Mulroney have a lot in common - both petty, self-pitying and vengeful. NOT statesmen and NOT great PM material.

Hmmm - Harper went to Charet's birthday bash - trying to get in good with Charest again - Harper's an oppourtunist and a USER.

James Curran said...

He is the petty, small man of Confederation.

Lizt. said...

I always liked Joe Clark,who was on the progressive side of the Progressive Conservatives.
Is Harper overseas, this week and does anyone know where he went?

James Curran said...

Well I know he was at the hockey game yesterday.

burlivespipe said...

Heading over the pond to sacrifice more kittens at the alter of Josef Stalin, no doubt;^)

Kai_Wolf said...

Harper doesn't owe Clark a damned thing. Joe Clark can go screw himself.

Clark practically endorsed the Liberals right before an election. And if Harper had listened to Clark's terrible political acumen, then the parties on the right would still be divided today. They would never have formed the government, and the Liberals would still be in power. Really, its no wonder you Liberals lament him so much. In any other case, you Liberals would never have given a sniff about Joe Clark.