Monday, May 19, 2008

Harper Warned Bernier...He Didn't Listen

h/t to Paul Wells on this one.

It seems the Stand Up comedy continues for the Conservatives. PMS Harper was apparently concerned about Mad Max's companion as far back as October. Le Devoir has the story here. We already knew that Bernier's staff had serious concerns too. Some feel this story is going to die away. I say not until Mad Max has been shuffled again. He gets kicked over to Treasury to replace Toews, who is heading for the Manitoba Bench.

I wonder who will accompany him to the next swearing in thingy?


Kai_Wolf said...

At the time, they were most likely "concerned" about how the policy and principle deprived Liberals would try to spin this into the latest "scandal" to try and smear the Tories with. Now? Nothing to worry about, even after the Liberals tried and failed to turn it into something.

Just like all the other faux "scandals" that amounted to nothing.

James Curran said...

Failed? He's toast. Done. Well Done!