Sunday, May 18, 2008

Conservatives...Doin' it Old Style

We need a change of government to replace old style politics with a new vision. We need to replace a culture of entitlement and corruption with a culture of accountability. We need to replace benefits for a privileged few with government for all.
Everyday Canadians – the hardworking people who pay their taxes and play by the rules – want and deserve a new government that will put the people’s interest ahead of self-interest.

Replace old school? Privileged few? People's interest ahead of self-interest?

An unelected cabinet minister. A cabinet minister vying for a Federal Court appointment. A finance minister making policy to protect his retirement. Privileged few in deed.

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RuralSandi said...

Hey, I agree with Harper's statement here - that's why we have to get rid of him.

The US wants change and I think Canadians will follow. It's the economy and environment, stupid - new slogan for Liberals perhaps.

75,000 showed up in Oregon today to see Obama - he's about the economy and environment, stupid....something's happening. I think it's the change of the "neo-con" type governments that the world needs to get rid of. Obama wasn't my first choice, but frankly, other than Gravel, I thought all the democrat candidates were better than any one of the Republican candidates.